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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Research in My Part

Remember yesterday when I tried adding the twelve days of christmas. Well, I found out that there is nothing (really) to celebrate about on December 25th. The BIBLE or TORAH specifically said so.

Before I get into writing "you and yours," or "Xmas," and trying to be politically correct, and mostly following the trend. Last year I even commented on others who writes "Xmas," asking where is "Christ."

Well you know what, go and write it the the way you like because Jesus Christ wasn't even born on that day. And he didn't even mention to celebrate his birth. He only asked to celebrate his death and his resurrection. Yes, this is a lot to swallow in one sitting.

I have known about christmas being a pagan holiday. It's kinda hard to get rid a habit when it's been done for so long. The closest I been to celebrating according to the word of our SAVIOR was when I was little and still living with my parents.

We do not have christmas tree. We do not buy gifts and give it on christmas and call it christmas presents. However, my parents told me that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Nothing in the BIBLE telling what day he was born and to celebrate it. Nor to celebrate anyone else birthday.

I don't feel bad at all having the feeling of laziness this time of year. I don't feel like decorating or cutting a tree and bringing it inside the house to decorate. Even the way DH family was doing it does not make sense anymore.

I'm blue.


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