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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Most Asked Question

I have been in this country half of my life, and I am starting to find people from my village online, mostly in social networks. After asking how am I, the very next and most asked question is, "do you have a job?"

Yes, I have a job. I teach my children full time. I cook, I clean the house full time. I am a freelance writer of some sort, among other things. Then they will say, "oh, I am talking about a paying job." What is the matter with people these days? People from where I came from mostly. They think of an individual that does not have a paying job, nothing. Very close to the people with no degree.

I miss where I came from because of winter here. I always get like this the same time every year. I kept reminding my husband that if we move there, we can have fresh of everything, especially cocoa and coffee. He loves chocolates and coffee so, I am trying to rub it in...:)) However, he hated islands and too far away from his family. I don't want him to have the feeling I am having every winter all the time.

So, anyway chatting with the people from home can lessen my homesickness. However, the questions they ask annoy me a lot. Furthermore, my nephews and nieces want me to find them some internet pals. I don't know anyone who is the same age as they are. And even if I do, I don't think they will like it. Perhaps older people who been divorce a few times, but I'm sure my nephews and nieces will not like it. Plus, I am not good in the match making thing. I like it the natural way, just like DH and I. It develops over time. We went out and hang out. Long distance whatever it is they wanted, will not start from me. Am I mean or


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