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Friday, January 7, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Yes, he have snow today.

My 2011 Jump Start
Maybe I should change the title to "Good start in 2011" or "2011 off to a good start," either way I think you got the point. I am happy on our 2011 start (knock on wood). DH and I did not argue on NYE, I hate arguing with him because he will not stop arguing until he thinks I got the point. I can say he is the girl in the family and I am the boy. Meaning I don't like to argue and have any confrontation. Him, he talks and talk and talk...which I like...I think this is a good combination for us. If no one is willing to back down, it would be a war. I like to add that we are both Leo. Yea, now you understand where I am coming from...:)) luv you honey...(just in case you are reading this)

My blogs are picking up again for paid post. Sorry, but I need to make extra bucks for things that we want. It only happens once in a while and I need to grab them before it disappears again. When there is no offer, all I can do is wait and see what happen. I try very hard to stay with my theme when writing for paid posts. However, there are times that I can't and please forgive me.


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