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Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Goes On

DH is a little sad because his friend that he met two and a half years ago is leaving to live in the western part of the state. His family still live here but they are not awake like their son. They are both looking for big land in the west and exchange what they found. DH (or we) is also looking to be near him. Alliance is the key now a days. The best part of it all is, we will be closer to my eldest son's school. No more driving six hour one way just to see him. And he can come and visit us whenever he wants. His father forbid him being so close to any relative while in school. Guess what! unless he wants to switch him to another University...tough! We can move closer if we wanted to. He will never know about it unless my eldest tell him.

Let's get back to DH. Most of his new friend with the same mindset move away from us. One is in Switzerland now, and this one I am talking about will be moving soon too. It would be very easy if we don't have a house. Owning a house is good but selling it in a short time is very hard. I know the housing market is picking up because buyer gets it lower than 2 or 3 years ago. However, that means a lot of home owners will be selling too.

Oh yeah, I just got back from my local grocery store and met a filipina there. She lives very close to me, about 3 minutes. I did not get her phone number because every time I ask for phone number, they never call or willing to be friends. Who knows, I may see her again around. She knew where I shop, maybe I'll see her again there.

Have a great weekend everyone. We have another plan on camping out tonight and come back tomorrow afternoon. I plan on roasting some corn on a burning charcoals and letting my children play with the fire because one of the person we always goes with is not there. She is the one always telling the children, "leave the fire alone," "no you can't do that." let them be a child and discover for themselves what will happens. They will never learn anything if you keep telling them what will happen. This is the very reason, even though there is a rain in the forecast I wanted to take the children. I wanted them to be children and enjoy it. F#$k those who think otherwise.


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