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Monday, August 29, 2011

Falls Far from the Tree

Or too close. Of course I am talking about children. There different outcome on how ones children turn out to be. It maybe a mix of both parents, one parent or none of the parents at all.

Maybe those who fall under none of any parent simply one parent don't want anyone to know that he or she was the same at the certain age. And too embarrass to mention anything about it.

My nieces here in US falls into liberated type of girls. I call them girls because I am way older than they are. Having sex as teens, and been with multiple (2 the least and above) boy before getting married (only 1 fall into two boys before marrying). No, I am not perfect but I married the person who took my virginity. My nieces back home is another story. They marry first before getting into anything. And I prefer it that way. One of my sister in the other hand falls into those liberated ones, I call them.

One niece in DH side is into make believe romantic love life. I saw a picture of her wearing a wedding gown, riding in a shopping cart while being push by her boyfriend. The next picture is her reading the ingredients of a package of condom. Well at least they are having safe sex. Her mother is the typical conservative, talks the talk of being conservative and believe ones should get married before going to bed with someone. Which in my opinion only talk and never been follow within her family and her own family.

Like I said, I am not perfect. I do not talk the talk but simply wanted my children follow the order of things. I don't care if they marry young as long as they follow the order.

Last week her boyfriend supposedly called all girls are the worst driver. She was pretty upset about it and I cannot stop myself posting some comments. First of all, not all girls play with toy cars. Not all teen girls, goes joy riding at night and try new things with their cars. Teen boys are careless driver however learned a lot from being careless that is why man are better driver than women. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules. If you did what was the boy doing during their years, you are more likely to fall into the exceptions. However, if you are playing with dolls and believe with fairy tales then you are not and deal with it. Good thing I did not mention the marks she made in my lawn backing out of my driveway the last time she came to visit us is still visible, because DH said I should not say anything bad. How will they learn if you don't embarrass them on the things they have done?

When the man say, "girls are the worst driver," it does not mean they care or love you less (well with my DH side it doesn't mean anything, he simply making a statement on what he sees). And if they are keep on putting you down, that relationship is not healthy or you don't want to be in it.

Another niece of ours from my sister, changes boyfriend like changing clothes styles. I don't think she even have a time in her life that she don't have any boyfriend since she started having one. She kept saying that she have problem being really close with someone, I wonder what "really close" mean, because I am pretty sure she also do the deed with the boyfriend. I only assume that maybe being serious with the boy. I will take being serious anytime, than tasting every fish in the sea. I am very lucky I have found DH.

She should enjoy being single first before getting involved with anyone until she is ready to be really close with anyone. But that's only my opinion and I am only the Aunt, and these nieces and nephews are never going to listen to the old people. They think they knew everything to know in this world. With my age, I can't even say that. Wiser but I don't know everything.

Rebellion towards our parents is very common. Others simply never grow out of it, other grow out of it fast as soon as the parents scold them, others simply enjoyed what they are doing, and others are born with understanding of right and wrong. No one is perfect, however, act and work towards being close to it.


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