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Friday, July 29, 2011

I Think it was Funny

Our pool filter is not working again. DH had to soak it in vinegar overnight again to get the gunk out. We both went out there yesterday before bedtime last night. I removed some leaves at the bottom while he was un-screwing the piece.

I told them how dirty the screen inside the pool and left telling him I need to swish it with water. I came back with no DH in sight. He went inside the house telling me, I left him alone. What! That's what happened when you don't listen to what I am telling you.

I also planned on changing the water filtration. Well guess what? I could not get the top off. I let all the water out but the darn thing did not even budge. So I left it with the screw on top loosen and told DH I that I can't remove it and I cannot change the filter.

Ok, this morning this is the funny part. DH came upstairs told me about my trap. I have not gotten my coffee yet and I just gave him a hug. He kept on telling me about my trap. Ok, what trap, I asked. He continue on telling me that he just got done changing. Ok, you need to change to go to work right? I told him. He said "no," I was soaking wet. Apparently, half asleep with coffee and cigarette in hands, he went out to put the piece (that made the salt to chlorine) in our pool filter without changing the water filter (which is very hard to miss because I put it on top of it). He release the water from the pool to keep the filter going. Yea! The water all squirt out to him.

I think it was hilarious. That is what he gets when he does not pay attention to what I am telling him. So, he took an unexpected shower this morning with dirty pool water...ha ha ha...sorry DH. This is my funny for today. Who needs TV when my husband does things that makes me laugh out loud. Goodness.


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