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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Other Half

Yup, this will be somewhat whining post about my other half. When we met I have my own little toolbox (actually it wasn't little and not a real toolbox), it is where I keep everything I needed to fix things that I can do. I actually have two hammers, a few different head type of fliers, screw drivers, and two orange long extension cords.

No, I am not complaining that he does not have any tools, as a matter of fact he has a lot if he knew where he put it or where he left them. Most of them are in the backseat of his truck. No tool box for this man.

Well, since we been together, he never know how to put things where they are belong. And he always ask me where the things are and every time I answer him, I have the mad tone saying...if you put where they are supposed to go you don't need to bug me right now.

My tools was long gone. I think I lose sight of them after 6 months of being together because I don't use it anymore. Every time I need something fix I asked him. Well, today I can't even find one single flier in this house. I am making some kind of hanger for one of my child white board so that I can hang it on the divider but none. He even lost all of my bungee cords that are inside a little toolbox. Our children was playing with that toolbox for a long time and the cords are no where to be found.

Just right now, I wanted to go out and buy my little toolbox and fill it with the things he lost. He will say, it wasn't lost, I just don't know where they are right now. In short LOST. Screw drivers everywhere, and we can never find anything at the right time. He always go digging in my desk every time he misplaced something. I even find very dirty towels in the garage because he forgot to bring it to the laundry room and got flooded in the garage and now garbage.

Yes, he annoys the living out of me, but he is my DH and I am obligated to respect what he is and trying not to focus with his flaws the way he does focus on mine. I might not cook dinner because I am very tired and he never complain about it. He just find something easy to make and be happy with it.


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