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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What A Life

DH one friend is back together again with his divorce, off, on, strange wife. Wow! that was a

Here is the history: They got married on a civil service. Three months later they got divorce. While divorce they still seeing each other and sleeping together, she got pregnant. They are still divorce and not living in the same house. Second child was conceived and born and a few months old, they decided to get married again, inviting all the people they knew, a church wedding.

After the wedding, they separated again. She then got pregnant for the third time. Well, that is the story of their life. On and off, I can't even remember how many times anymore.

Around Christmas last year, we were invited to spent the Christmas eve by the husband (DH friend) because he was in the impression that the close friends and family are invited. A day later he called back saying it was cancelled because he read his wife wrong. Husband moved out until March this year.

During the separation period, wife gave her cell phone (android) back to the husband. Husband did not need two cell phones. He said it is too much to pay. We talk him out to keeping it for a little while (because they always get back together) but he seemed his mind was made up. The phone was grandfather in for unlimited internet for $30 a month, plus taxes.

Ours family plan don't have internet not even text. Plus, we have plenty of cell phones to go around. Our children don't need one, because I teach them at home and always with me. The grandfather-in internet got to us and we took over the payment and we also put it in to our account.

For five months, DH uses his own cell plus the android. In the middle of June I dropped my number and took DH number. And yes for one month, we paid over $200 because of the insurance for the android. I dropped the insurance on the second month and paid $172 a month for four months.

I can't wait to see the next billing because we are back to four cell. One goes to my FIL, one to my eldest son, and each for DH and I. The one that FIL uses was used as a home cell for us. But since we don't ask our nieces and SIL to watch the children (we take them with us everywhere now) there is no need to have a cell in the house. Plus, FIL goes on vacation a lot driving, at least when something uneventful  happens, he has a cell to call someone.

Ok, let's get back to my story...whew! After a month, DH friend kinda hinted that he wants the android back. However, DH refused because he already bought a work headphone that attach as Bluetooth. He can listen to MP3 and accept phone calls.

DH friend had no choice but to get an additional phone for his strange wife, that is not grandfather-in for $30 a month. Yes, they are back together AGAIN. The wife mentioned that they are doing family counseling. If you ask me, she is the one needed it most. Have you read my post about how the husband always on the move. Yup, this man can't even have a nice conversation to anyone. Every time the conversation gets interesting, the wife will call him to do something.

Mind you they have money and can afford a cleaning lady and babysitter. Ah life, you get what you bargain for...I


Monday, June 11, 2012

Tried to Say Goodbye

My neighbor told me before the local public school close for summer vacation that they are going away for the whole summer. I thought they have gone right away when the school close. Anyway, to make the story they didn't. I just don't see them often enough.

Last week, my children (yes I always call them children, not "kid" because I am not a goat) and I started walking before lunch time. And today somehow our garbage are still on the curb. So, I went inside to grab some more garbage because our second can is not full.

I tried opening the door and it was locked. My third child just got out and asked him if he lock the door. He told me that his big brother locked it because he don't want to go for a walk. Well, you know what's next right? I knock on the door while scolding my older son. He finally open it and I went inside to grab some old toys to throw away.

Before walking outside I scolded him again. By the time I got out all I can see from my neighbor was the back of their mini-van driving away. Then I proceeded on putting the old/broken toys to the garbage.

While walking and recollecting what went on, I remember hearing voices behind me while trying to get my son to unlock the door. I was thinking, "hmmm, were they trying to get my attention from across the street to say goodbye. I didn't even try to look back to what was it all about. I hope they don't think that I am trying to ignore them. I don't mind if they think I'm deaf. I just don't want them to think that I am a stuck-up and never bother waving to anyone.

Oh geez, I guess I will find out when they get back. The story of my life...:(


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