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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Making Fun of Each Other

While DH was checking his social media, he came across my DN post about our island. I guessed he read it and ask me what is PAC-TOY. My initial reaction was "what?" Then he spelled it for me. "P-O-C-T-O-Y." I said, "it's POOKTOY, like BOOK, it's a town in my island." And he came back with, "It's not my fault your people doesn't not know how to spell." And I answered back with, "well it's not my fault your people doesn't know how to pronounce." hahaha

Anyway, here is the video he saw, and read the title I guessed because he can't understand tagalog language and the people in this video was speaking tagalog, except for a few second from one lady.

He also continue asking if we visited this beach. However, we visited the island thirteen years ago. A lot of -ism moved in since then. What -ism he asked. All the -ism that makes a place communist I answered. He started laughing because he said TOURISM is not bad. Yes, it depends whose point of view you are trying to look at.

I am proud on how quiet my province was before I left. Now a days, I don't have good words to say about it. I hate SOCIALISM, and that word is very popular over there.


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