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Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Into a Routine

Making things for our own use, that is. I have done crochet when I was in grade school, and I finally pick-up some yarn and needle this weekend. It was a long pause doing anything by hand. I also started sewing curtains. I need to get use to making things around the house, just in case. I wish I can find a manual sewing machine. It would be very useful when I can't afford to pay my electric bill. I will not be able to do any fancy decoration but it will definitely do the job of making clothing for the whole family. I was always on the look out for fabric sales. But somehow always missed, plus I am not to kin to buy fabric online. I like to feel and see them in person.
Above is my very first scarf. And yes, that is my daughter wearing her mom's scarf proudly. I think I will be doing some legs and hands warmer too. I only use alternating single and double stitching with it. I added a single stitch on the side with different color yarn, it help to strengthen the scarf and cover some uneven (I didn't bother counting on how many stitch to put in each row, big mistake lol) area. I am pretty proud, because it looks good enough to wear around. And yes, I use the whole ball of yarn for this one and started crocheting on Friday on my spare time. I think if I had all day, I could have finish it in a day. Bear in mind, I'm only a beginner.

I'm going back to my local store to get more yarn and fabric soon. I need to practice making clothes from now on. I think it would be easy making clothes for my daughter and I. However I have a feeling making pants will be a challenge, I never done pants with pockets before. Like they say, "practice makes perfect."


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

People are Imbecile

Yes, pardon my french (not) but they do. Everyone knew Craigslist is a free column. They use to have FREE section including pets. The same website we always to give our kittens away. I know a lot of people loves kittens and we don't want to spend money to give away FREE kittens. And NO, we don't spent anything for their medical either. They are FREE, if the adoptee (what ever they are called) wanted medical stuff done with those kittens it's up to them.

These days you need to place a free ad under your community (which I did), and since I am giving away FREE kittens I posted it under pet and in capital letters FREE. After 20 minutes of my ad running, someone flagged it. I got the email, but the best thing free ad, they don't tell you why it was flagged. I went to the forum and asked. Well, they told me that I did not include the following: vaccination and ages. Mind you the phone number is clearly written.

And on top of all, after 5 minutes of seeing the ad, I got a call and they wanted two of the three I posted. So, people are too lazy to call or email to ask questions, but very productive on flagging ad that does not suit them.

Same exact problem with government. Oh, do you remember about the story of the rock in the middle of the road? No one ever step up to remove it, but each one blame others for having it in the middle of the road. If it does not bother you, leave it alone. When it does, well, something about it yourself. Do not blame anyone. Asked questions, do not ask someone to asked questions for you. RED TAPE, i hate RED TAPE. Things you wanted is already on your reach, but since it's not your job, you will never left a nail to get it. geezzz!!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

More kittens, they were born on December 3rd. They haven't really eat much yet. Maybe next week they will start. Then I can list them at Craigslist after five days of eating dry food well. Yes, they are free. All you have to do is pick them up. I even give some starter kitten dry food to take home with you. And they are already litter train.

How many kittens can you see?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Made a Shade

As part of DD December present I made a window shade for her bedroom. I did this on our vacation. We also painted her bedroom for the very first time. We did not paint it when we moved to this house eight years ago.

I planned on making a light green curtain, but Walmart cut the fabric wrong and I got charge for 3 1/2 yards and I only gotten 2 1/2 yard. Yes, I went back the same day and told my story. They turn around and telling me that I cut 1 yard off it and trying to return with missing piece. For $1.29 a yard, I felt robbed and felt like a low life, lower than red light district women. I HATE WALMART!

Anyway, I did a looped heading and scallop-edge bottom. Now her bedroom is light pink with light purple trimming. The light green curtain would be much nicer but for the feeling that Walmart given, no way. I almost shoved that piece of fabric to the lady at the costumer service. However, I will not lower myself. A great lesson for DD too, because she was with me when I bought it. She saw that I didn't cut any part of it, and the service I get for it. I hope she know to check everything before leaving the store when buying something like it.


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