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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whew! A Month has Gone...Again

I cancelled a few of my EC cards last week, and I tried going back on their website after a few days and the site just kept on loading and nothing. I am glad that they are gone. Another less stress for me trying to drop on those who dropped with mine. (I haven't done it in a year or so, I think) I also stop playing the addictive game of farmville. Geezzz, they added another farm and my online neighbors hardly help anymore, so was that. I did not say goodbye to anyone (like they care anyway) just in case I still have an itch to play when my family is not bothering

I can nap most days now. This napping schedule is scaring me because I might get bigger than I am now. I'll try very hard not to eat too much before the nap, hoping that will stop the weight I have been reading gardening/planting/allotments/farms for my personal gain. With an acre lot, I know we can plant more than what we are doing now. Its a dream of mine to have most of what we need planted/save/cans/frozen in our cupboard. I have so much to learn and with DH helped it seems easier.

Learning at home lessons with my children is doing well. Our schedule is set on what we will everyday. Even if we can't do any lessons from the books, I always try to teach them some household chores that a regular person should learn. And those are also added on days lessons. The weekends are also counted if we do some instructional learning.

As long as the government does not knock on our door and question the way I educate and brought-up my children, I am a happy flesh and blood.

Oh have you notice that this blog has a PR 2? It does not matter to me anymore. I don't need the PR because I don't participate to pay post because I have to cut Uncle Sam part of the earnings. I rather work under the table. They can't have any part of my hard work anymore...enough is enough. They should work themselves.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Just An Update

Another month came and gone. September is here and colder temperature is in the A friend of mine is suppose to come next Wednesday from California. I still don't have any idea why she is leaving her long time partner of six years. If she is really leaving him, she better tell him before she leave, because I don't want to be in the middle of it all.

A month and a half going away at the other side of the country does not look so good to me. Hopefully she does not have someone waiting here in my area for her to try out for a month in a half. That is simply absurd. If I'm the man, there is no second chances. No way I will be one of the choices. I want to be the only one. I have to wait and see what this hoopla is all about when she gets here.

On another note, this is the beginning of my thirteen years with DH. SIL mentioned that thirteen is bad luck, well I hope not. With all the work DH and I put in this marriage, thirteen can be just another number to make it to another thirteen or more years together.

My neighbor got back three weeks ago. I was a little surprised when she hardly come out of her house. I can see the children playing outside but that's all. Well, I found out that she did called me from across the road. However she wasn't mad about it. And the reason I cannot find her outside her house was because she lost her father while she was visiting them. So, everything is well with her.

My friend from grade school that I mentioned a while back who work for a lesbian couple in HongKong turned out she likes both sexes. Whoa! What a news to dropped on me when we had spoken about whom we liked when we still live in the same town. She was with the girl before marrying a man. Now she is back with that same girl twenty years later. Well, good luck with that I said. She have three children from that marriage.  Geez, what is going on with people.

Our learning at home with my own curriculum is doing pretty well. This is our third week and I am using a days count not hours counts to report to PDE, which I think 180 days to complete the school year. We completed 10 days so far, so we have 170 days left...woohoo!


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