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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advertisers Blimp or Other

Yes, I was amuse seeing one of these in the residential area. Why? Because you will only see them on areas like beaches, parades, ball games, and none of those things are close to my house. Yes, they are showing ads, yes I saw it. However, my amusement stall me for getting my camera that is why the blimp is far away and tiny already. It was pretty noisy while passing between my house and my neighbors' house.

At first I thought my ODS close the blinds at the window behind him. I looked to him and saw him looking out the window telling me, "no, it's me." Yes, I ran out, looked up and there it was over head and very noisy. I was trying to make out people but their window was tinted and cannot see anything. While trying to see, my mind was telling me, "are you sure that's for ad or only camouflage what they are really doing," like spying on home owners and scanning houses? I don't know. With all the things happening, including drones, it will not surprise me. Are you aware of your surroundings? I try to be.


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