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Friday, March 7, 2014

What Am I, Your Friend?

With a tone....ha ha ha That is what I told DH when every time he kissed me like we are only acquaintance. Come'on, really? If I wanted a kiss like that, all I have to do is meet some friends and have lunch or coffee.

Then he told me, "You better not be kissing anyone like that." He meant the way he kissed me. Well, isn't American custom to kiss and hug just the way he did, during a greeting?

Anyway, I want my own DH to kiss me wet & wild. I'm not getting any younger and I wanted to savour every minute of it, don't you? Most of the time when I tease him about it, he can't concentrate and gives me the giggle laugh instead. A peck (barely touch each other lip) on the lip is not the way husband & wife should kiss in my opinion.

By insisting he should kiss me the way I want, I always put a smile on his face and that makes me happy.


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