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Friday, May 9, 2014

Over Heard

Going up and down in my new house I passed my inlaws door to their apartment and they like to sit on their small dining table. And yes, FIL had to speak louder for MIL to comprehend what he is saying or maybe she also have a selective deafness. Who knows.

I think she asked why I ignore her because while working with YDS lessons today she came to our classroom and mumble something about what happened that I change or why she change. That she done something wrong and everyone are mad. Yup, selective Alzheimer. She remembers things that are not important, and forgets those that are.

FIL told her that people gets irritated when she...I did not hear the rest because I don't want to eaves drop on them. Yes, I am still mad at her for lying to the mail lady last week. I refused to have conversation with her because I know she will never change. She grow up nasty as she is right now. So, why should I waste my time talking to her and in return she will call me names, and tell a complete stranger that I wanted to kill her.

Yes, I wanted to kill her because she is a bitch, uber liar, hypocrite, she always thinks that the world revolve around her, an actress, and puts everyone down. Yes, there are times that she is very nice. However, do I really enjoy those times knowing she is a bitch. No way! You are bitch to me, I will return the favor.


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