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Monday, January 28, 2013

And It Happened

Yes, MIL finally broke down and told us to get out of our house because we are trespassing, and she stuck her head out the front door calling, "HELP! HELP! THERE ARE STRANGER IN MY HOUSE. THEY ARE MOLESTING ME." Yes, in my own house. She would not look at the deed to see whose name was on it. She would not look at DH birth certificate showing that she is indeed his sons' mother.

Yes, DH and her agreed that a police man should be present to throw my family, (mind you DH and the children are sick, yes sick with a flu) out of our own house. There goes what my family stand for about police officers.

Well, SIL came in with her husband before the police man came. My BIL asked her right away if she had taken her medicine. Like a snap, she stop telling DH (her son) to get out of his own house and she took the medicine from her bedroom and drunk it.

Now, the police man came and started telling her that he ran a background check on DH (Ugh I hate that) and he is indeed what he told her he is and never had any criminal record of trespassing at anyone house.

I could not sleep the whole night and today I feel like I'm the one getting sick. She is something else.

Let's go back early Sunday. I went shopping because I did not grocery shop the day before. I usually do it when the store first open. I came home, cook breakfast for the family who feel like eating.

Around noon, DH decided to go to work to prep the trucks for the snow early today. While he was out, I decided to lay down in the classroom because the couches are full with sick children.

I was not even lying down for 15 minutes, MIL came in calling my name. I said what is the matter? "My husband told me that L (her daughter) will come to drive him to the hospital when R (her son) get home." I was thinking if he need to go I can drive him there. MIL did not make any sense so I went to their bedroom and ask him personally.

He said that when R get home that we are going to the emergency room. I said ok. After that I called DH telling him about it and he told me he will be home in about 10 minutes. He also suggested that maybe if he can't wait, put all the sick children in the mini van and drop him off.

However, I think he don't want MIL there because she is the reason why he is having hard time breathing. He worry too much about her getting into everything in the house at night when everyone is sleeping and she is wide awake.

Well, you know what happens when you don't sleep enough at night, you fall sleep during the day, which MIL did while waiting for DH. DH came, FIL and I left for the emergency room.

Oh boy, oh boy. That's when the hell got lose. She ask where her husband, why he didn't take her, why he did not wake her up, why did he waited until she fall sleep to leave, that she will never see him again, that she will kill herself. Oh my. So, yup then the beginning this post is next.

I am supposed to go back two hours later to get some updates from the doctor; that didn't happened because of her. DH and I worry more about his father than anything. Just taking his wallet from his back pocket at the emergency room got his pulse up to 124. I told him calm down, when you clam down not worry too much you will get out of here faster.

I hope he thinks about it. Not that we like him to get back to the house right away, but he is old and cannot handle a lot. I wish they reconsider to put MIL in the HOME, rather than staying her with us for FIL sake. He can't handle her anymore. Even though I say that, he is, and still able to control her, because she never had this kind of episode before when he is around.

That's whats happening in OUR LIFE right now.


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