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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ngeek! Winter is Here

Yes, it started on Monday...hahahaha. We are having 0 degree F for three days now including wind chill. I have been complaining that this winter is too hot for me. Yes, it's coming from a tropic woman.

DH had been sick since Monday afternoon. He stayed in bed all day yesterday and all day today. I am hoping he will get up tomorrow and at least take a hot shower to get his strength back, and eat some food. When I say food meaning good food..:)

He was asking for something salty today. I am glad PIL are here. They go out almost everyday and I asked them if they can get DH some salted pistachio, which they did.

Yesterday, was very windy and the garbage truck came by. They are supposed to collect on Monday, however for some odd reason they never came. Yes, I knew it was holiday (just to clarify there is nothing holy about Monday). I live here for 10 years and they never follow the holidays. So, I was surprised, maybe their truck wouldn't start on Monday, who knows.

So, I went outside not thinking of winter when I saw the garbage cans flying every where. I was only wearing regular jacket and long pants. Oh boy, did I blame myself. I could not breath, it felt like there was no oxygen in the air. Not to mention I was running because I don't want the cans going farther away. I thought I will never make it inside the house, geezz I told myself while taking my shoes off. Then I looked online on how cold it was. Sure enough cold. I think the running part made me breath funny. I never ran in that cold before. Yes, definitely a lesson learned in my part.

Then I found out on FB that my classmate in high school died the early morning yesterday. I was like, "WHOA," it wasn't him taking my breath away, was he? hahahaha. Yes, a great loss, we are only in our very early 40s. Our 25th year reunion is coming in May, oh goodness, he didn't made it, RIP 'mate.

Other than the cold, I am doing fine. I try very hard not to be around MIL when she is herself. I only like her when she doesn't remember much. Plus she is very nice when she does.

What about you, how are you doing?


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