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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We Are Free

Yeah, we always wish that freedom is free. I meant to say is. "we are free from taking care of MIL who has dementia." Last week the social services was called by one of the nurses who looks after MIL claiming that we are neglecting her. Police got called in because you know me, I will not let her (the social worker) in.

Police did an investigation and found no neglect, that she was well taken for. EMT and her doctor checked her too, and came out empty, no sign of neglect. I feel like suing those people for putting my whole family on these kind of stress. So, now MIL is staying in the hospital, not eating, with IV, drugged up to Wazoo, wearing bedding pad (because they said its easier than a diaper) more like a puppy training. She is staying there until we move her to a home, which they will keep her alive until she ran out of money (bleed her dry our lawyer exact word), then stop all the services. ITS TRUE. Lawyer told us this.

Lawyer suggested that we should take her back & hire three shifts caregiver. However, DH and I agree that we don't want her back. We think that if we don't visit her at the other side of our house the same thing will happen. Those caregiver will call a social worker again telling them that we never visit her, or yet we never talk to her. That stress the social worker put us thru is enough for both of us for the rest of our life. And why should we bother seeing her if she have 24 hours caregiver taking care of her. So, no way. They can bleed her dry, that is what they are after, money. We like our privacy. Any government agency is not welcome in our house.

We are free from MIL. We can finally go anywhere and anytime we want.


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