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Monday, December 29, 2008

20th HS Reunion (pictures)

Here a few pictures of what went on in our reunion on December 27. At first I could not hear them, I ask to be put on a conference and it works, I can hear everyone.

The man is our batch president and the lady is one of my classmates in culinary class. The pictures are from the web cam. They had it on with our request (people who couldn't make it there). There are about 10 of us watching from the web cam. DH is actually jealous because on his reunion they didn't offer a live telecast and we live in the US, this kind of technology is nothing compare back in the Philippines. The web cam got cut off a few times but our technical person was always there to fix it. The people in the picture are the few who said hi to me while I'm chatting. Actually there are 4 people chatting to me from the reunion the whole time and 4 people chatting from the other countries as well. (Those who could not make it there just like myself).

Every time they say hi to me they always asked if they can see me, however I don't have a web cam. But when I spoke everyone said hi back. They asked me some questions but I can't hear them very well. So mostly I said hi, told them where I am and about my family. There are so much laughing and I wish I could have gone. But it's possible because I wanted my whole family to come. We can't afford the plane tickets for 7 people. I could have went by myself but that is not fair to DH. So, I decided to stay home instead. Plus I know that my family will enjoy going also, maybe next time if there is a next time.

This is the place we rented from our old Alma Mater. You can't really see the whole place but this is better than nothing.


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