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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Preschooler Refuses To Go Back To School

I am having a hard time getting him to school these days. It started when his big brother stayed home from school. I think he is getting jealous that they can stay home but he can't. He doesn't realize that they went and done what he is doing right now.

I guess I can teach him with my DD in Kindergarten. Not all of it but some part, like the phonics, writing, art and reading. DH and I talk about this before and he thinks he might get board next year in Kindergarten. I told him that it's ok, we can do all the assessment and not to worry about explaining everything to him. Our day will be much shorter and spend more time doing other things.

He can also choose to participate or not with his sister class. I will not force him to do much, it would be just like a pre-K for him. I can always tell him that he is going back to B&M school if he don't listen to me and do what I ask him to do. Yup, I can be mean when I want to.

Hope it works. Ok, I'm off to teach my DD, DS is still weak. He needs to get his strength back before doing some classes again.


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