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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Youngest DS 2nd Birthday

In This Life of OursYes, he turn 2 years old yesterday and we celebrate his birthday today. Now, I need to start the potty

He had a blast today. He was happy to see so many people (6 people extra in our house..laugh...) in our house today. I can say that he is a people person, not like DH and I. I bet he will not have any problem making friends when he grows a little older, just like his only sister. He got so tired, he is still taking a nap.

We love you sweetie, stay away from trouble and stop sneaking out of the house. Did you know that he can go outside by himself without making a noise opening doors? Yup, hoping he will not do it when he's a teenager.

We wish you to grow up to be a very nice boy and stay as sweet as you are.


Modern Furniture

Are you changing the looks of your furnitures? Or just plain needed some new furniture and doesn't know what kind to go with. Check out Modern Furniture, and check out the photo above. Isn't that neat, you can't find anything like that in You know what, I can't even tell if it's bed the first time I look at it. This is what modern furnitures can offer you, so check them out.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Ways the Internet Could Get Worse

- "MAKE MONEY FAST" posts protected by 1st amendment.

- Sun internet servers replaced with Pentiums.

- Al Gore appointed head of "bandwidth expansion tiger team."

- Free netcom account with purchase of Big Mac.

- Gameboy web browsers.

- Two words: "Microsoft Network"

- Rigorous user screening process abolished by America On-Line.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dating Affiliate Program

Do you have a dating site? Come and join Dating Affiliate Cash and earn extra money from your dating site traffic. Starting July 1 to July 31, they are offering a NEW sign-up promotional program. You will earn $75 per sign-up promo, yes you read it correctly. Check Niche Dating Sites for more information.


Getting Tan

Every summer I always wanted to put some tan on my skin. Now that we have a swimming pool I don't have any reason not to get that tan. My DC's are in that pool everyday, and I think I will be looking like regular Filipina very soon. Which I don't mind, I think looking tan is beautiful. None of my veins are showing.

Most Filipina I know is using whitening soap to get a lighter skin color. That is not my case, I was born with lighter skin and needed a tan once in a while. And to add I have a jet black hair, that having tan skin will hide some of those. I don't need to shave every time I shower anymore. That is a good thing.


Eagle Rider Rentals & Tours

You know what; I didn’t know that you can rent a motorcycle. I thought everyone who is driving one bought it themselves. That shows you I don’t have any idea…lol. My husband owns a dirt bike before we met. That is one of his past times and I even rode on it once. And what is that thing they do with their hand when they passed each other? He actually feel bad doing it because his riding a different kind of bike. But I guess for others bike is a bike. It doesn’t matter what they look like.

Summer is here and I think going on motorcycle adventures are common. It is good to know that we can rent bikes to go with these adventures. EagleRider is the world’s largest motorcycle tourism company specializing in rentals of Motorcycles, ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, Snowmobiles, and Watercrafts since 1992. They also offer one-way rental specials, guided & self-drive tours, and motorcycle sales. We actually have a dealers about 3 minutes from our house and every time we passed by my husband always hint that he wants one. Who knows maybe one of these days I will finally say “yes go ahead”, just to make him happy or as a present.
Go check it out open road lovers!


Banners Are Out

This is one of the banners we have out there in my home town in Philippines for the 20th high school reunion. It would be nice if DH and I can attend but that is just a dream that will never

So, if you someone who graduated in 1988 from MIST let them know. (A public service brought to you by...ME!)


A $10,000 Makeover

I submitted my entre for a makeover contest that I found online today. I’m hoping that they can help me with my double chin, liver spot and eye lids. I’m not trying to set goals because I am happy with my life right now. And my husband is happy the way I look. But this is just for my personal gain (if my husband will allow it). In my opinion if my husband is happy the way I look that I should be happy myself. Everyone have different goal in life and I know everyone is not like me.

To all my ladies readers and friends who are over 35 years of age (like me) check this out, a Makeover contest brought to us by ArteFill. Did you have so many changes in your life that you wanted to start and face the world with a new look? This is it ladies, it was so easy to enter. Fill in your name and address, your age, write a short essay on why you wanted a makeover and what is it you are trying to accomplish (your goals) by having this makeover, and then you need to add your recent picture. Easy enough right? And if you know someone that will benefit by this, send them the link and tell them to enter the contest.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Password Manager

I can't remember how many times I had to reset some of my passwords because I alway forget them. Specially the one that I only use once a month. It is very annoying to come up with so many combination, plus other sites don't like when you recycle passwords.

Now I don't have to worry about forgetting my passwords because I found password manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates passwords entering and form filling. RoboForm allows you to:

  1. Manage your passwords and Log In automatically
  2. Fill long registration and checksouts form with one click
  3. Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security
  4. Generate random passwords to maximize passwords strength
  5. Fight Phishing by entering passwords only matching web sites
  6. Deafeat Keyloggers by not using the keywords to type passwords
  7. Back up your passwords and copy them between computers
  8. Synchronize passwords between computers using GoodSync.

RoboForm Password Manager is portble, phone friendly, universal and IE 7 and Vista supported. They were named by PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET's Software of the Year. Visit their site and take it for a test drive now.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Little Artist

This is my daughter's art. She said this is me cleaning the carpet with a vacuum.
And this one is self portrait of myself.


Hip Hop Videos

I deleted this post because this is the 3rd time they ask me too edit it. First they said something about grammar, OK no problem. I'm not a first hand English speaker. Second they said that there is a link that is not supposed to be there which is their web page address, I removed it. Now they are complaining about not having their link there.

Ok make up your mind! I think they just don't want to pay me for it and kept bumping their ads on top. And guess what I only have 3 day on it to get paid. Now if I edit it it will go up to the top again meaning addition 30 days for them. No way! Get someone else to do it for you.


The Water is Too Cold

Geez, DC's wants to be in the swimming pool so much. DD just woke up this morning and the first thing she asked was "Can I go play in the swimming pool?". I really don't mind them going there but the water is too cold plus I have to watch them the whole time. I need some kind of tower just like lifeguard use at the beach.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Buying Halloween costume early can save you a lot of head ache. Make sure you ask your children what they want to be for Halloween now. They have so much to choice from. Here the category for kids; 50’s, 60’s – 70’s, angel & fairy, animal & insect, belly dancer & eastern, biblical, cheerleader & sports, clown & mime, convict & cop, devil & demon (my 2 younger son’s favorite), doctor & nurse, Egyptian, fairytale, food & drink, fortune teller & gypsy, funny, geisha, ghoul & skeleton, gothic & vampire, Greek & Roman, movie & TV costumes, historical, Medieval & Renaissance (my favorite), military & uniform (my oldest sons’ favorite), ninja & samurai, rappers, pirate, royalty & princess (my daughters favorite), wild west & cowboy, witch & wizard, and a lot more. These categories are also available in adult sizes. You better not forget about yourself, those costumes get sold fast. Check out these sexy Halloween costume for you and your love one.

Shopping early for costumes gives you a lot of choices. Did you ever ran out of time or simply forget about it? I have, and it’s not fun. Or maybe just a last minute change of mind. Especially my oldest son, he never tells me in advance what he wants to wear. He waits in the last minute and decides he wants to wear costume. And guess what, we can never finds what he likes, because most of it are sold out or his size is sold out.

Maid Marian Costume

I/we have never wear costumes on Halloween. We let our kids had all the fun, because we know that they like to dress up more than us. But if I have a chance to do so, I will pick Maid Marian or the Maiden Princess costumes. I like old fashion costumes. So, shop early at and visit their secret (sshhh) HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor by going to the homepage halfway down the right and click on the brown comma in the line that reads “Our store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!”. What are you waiting for? Check it out to get a discount code, good until October 31st.

Maiden Princess Costume


The Fruit of My Labor

In This Life of Ours
No, not labor and delivery but the fruit of my blogging. Look at what I bought from my earnings. My DC's love using them but the water is still very cold. We tried putting some hot water but this thing is too big, our water heater can not keep up. It's still not filled up with water yet but my DC's can't wait for to try it out. So even if the water is freezing cold and the water is not high enough they are enjoying it.

Actually this not all I bought from my earnings. I bought minutes from skype to call my family back home. My DH donated some to our favorite political party. And I bought 2 GB of RAM for my PC. That's about it so far because my paypal account is empty now LOL.

I still need to earn some money for a donation for my upcoming high school reunion. As long as PPP still sending me things to write about I don't think that would be a problem. Our due date is on September, so I have at least two and half more months to go.


Network Solutions Websites

Would you like to start your own business online and doesn’t know where to start? Check this site out for your web design service; you can do it yourself by using their web design and publishing tools. Or if you are not very good in doing it yourself (like myself), let their talented web designers do it for you. You can save time and money. You will get one on one attention from their skilled graphics artists who will put your ideas into your design. This service (Do It for Me Web Design) also includes a professional copy writing and set-up.

But if you don’t have the money like me, I will stick to ones like do-it-yourself web site designs. I’m only a blogger and not professional at that. Heck, I’m not even a writer so whatever comes free is what I use. But if I am a serious blogger or have a business online I will definitely use one of these sites. I want my customers to see that my site/s is done professionally. I think professionally done site/s drive more customer than those that are sloppy looking. Whatever you can afford is where you need to go, and when you earn more money, get one that is done with professionals and talented web designers.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top EntreCard Dropper

I would like to thank my top dropper for the last 30 days. I appreciate it very much and hoping you will not get tired of doing so.

Dropper # of drops
Aispinay 11
Orangeinks 11
My Library 10
Metallman's Reverie 10
Juliana's World 9
Green Fields of my Menace 9
And Life Goes ON for a Filipino MOM 9
In My Kitchen 9
Cromely's World 8


Friday, June 20, 2008

Advantage Car Rentals

Doing a lot of travelling this summer? If you don’t want to put a lot of miles on your vehicle, car rental is your solution. Make it a relaxing summer vacation, take a plane when going far and rent a vehicle when you get there. Smart? I think so. Shopping around for vehicle rental is a waste of time. Check Advantage car Rental, cars starts from just $19.99 per day. And if you are in Texas by July 15, you will get $25 OFF your next rental of 3 or more days. Remember this offer is valid only for reservation booked there. Visit their site to find more information and coupon codes.


EntreCard Lists

This is my own lists of EntreCards. If you don't want your link here let me know, I will gladly delete them. And for those who wants to be added do the same. Thank you "A" for letting me know it is long (LOL). I will add the scroll thingy to make it shorter. BTW, I added your new link to my list.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Lasik Cheating?

I don’t think Lasik surgery is cheating. But remember that, not everyone who wears glasses is candidate for this procedure. Lasik targets vision correction the same as contacts or glasses. I would trade glasses and contacts any time for the same price, natural is great. But no, my eyes are fine at my age. My spouse at the other hands has been wearing glasses right after high school. He will not get it done because he doesn’t like people touching any sensitive part of his body. Even with the LaserVue surgeons who have performed more than 25,000 procedures. He knows the recovery is quick, not painful, and he knows people who had it done. Not all people is like my spouse, so if you’re tired of wearing those specs call Lasik in San Francisco and schedule a consultation today. And for those who doesn’t have insurance you can get finance by Lasik. Check their site above for more information.


Trying to Speak English

I saw some part of this a long time ago but didn't have time to watch the whole thing. Very funny but I'm baffled on why are they hitting the loser. That looks like it hurt a lot.
Anyway, if you need a get you upper today, this is it.


Last Jewel in the Mediterranean

It would be nice to own a vacation house or rental somewhere other than my home town. I found North Cyprus Property website. It reminds me of home. I would love to live in an island again. My husband in the other hand will not approved living in an island. But I can dream can I?

Wellington Estates Ltd is a North Cyprus Property Developer with UK management. They only build on land they own, and they offer customers a 10 year land guarantee.
North Cyprus Property is an outstanding investment opportunity, and a great location for holidays or retirement.


Too Big For Diapers (update)

We are doing great going number one in the bathroom. He tells me when he needs to go. But he hasn't yet told me when he needs to do number two. And I can't catch him going so that I can take him to the bathroom.

I have to watch him closely today. He usually go after dinner so, I have to make sure I'm not doing anything at that time. He needs to get the concept about going number two.

More updates later, I'm off to take him to the bathroom.


Power Steering

Some vehicles back home (Philippines) that my cousins use still don't have power steering. I tried driving the jeep once and I was puzzled on how hard to steer it. My husband informed me that the vehicle does not have power steering. I didn't even know there is such thing. Anyway, if you have an old vehicle and wants to upgrade to power steering visit They are now open to the public for the first time. They can you help with all your power steering needs. Like power steering rack, steering box and pumps. Don't take my word for it. Check the site out to see what other products they have.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got this around our house today. They came out good with the color contrast I had pick. Now my dining area smells like roses. Can you smell them...hmmm. Don't pay attention to my table top cover. That's what happens when you have kids younger than 7.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Cash Back Deals & more

I found this site while looking for coupons and deals online. As you all know I post free deals and sweepstakes on the forum where I belong. So this is what I do. This site will give you $20 cash back you purchase an AT&T prepaid, no contract phone. They are a comparison website not only shows the product's lowest prices but also displays valuable coupons and cash back rewards available for each item and store. Check this site and finds the latest coupons and offers for the stores you like to shop at.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Too Big For Diapers

I know my DS #3 is way overdue on his potty training. With my first son, speaking got in the way on his potty training. The second one had similar problem but both can understand me. But they can't tell me if they need to go or not.

My DD was only 2 years old when she was trained. She was so easy but took a long time to get use to using the bathroom. One day she will do it herself the next day she will not go unless I take her inside and sit her down.

Now my 4th (he is my 3rd DS), I tried so many times since last year to train him and I failed. He needs to go to school in September (he is 3 and turning 4 in July) and I'm not giving up now. I need to take that diaper off him. Today he doesn’t want to put his underwear on, and he's telling me to put his diaper on. So I let him walked around with out them. Finally around noon he agrees on wearing them again. I think he will do the same thing again tomorrow. And I'm ready for it. Plus he knows how to potty in the toilet. He's been doing it every time he takes a bath. I don't know why he is giving me such a hard time.

Before the school was over I was thinking training him and my youngest one(DS#4). With his progress I think I will hold off my youngest (he is almost 2) until his big brother goes to the bathroom by himself. I don't want to fail again so I have to make sure the older one gets it first before starting the youngest one. In my opinion summer is the best time to do it, because I don't have to go anywhere so much.


Free Wordpress Templates

You see the template above, that is one of my favorite template. I like green background (like you can't tell he he he) and anything green with 2, 3, and 4 column with tabs. But it's very hard to transfer all my widgets into a new one. I have so many templates line up to change my theme. The only reason that I haven't done so is I hate transferring my widgets. I know I said that already, yes it's a pain.

My other favorites themes are the following; Sugriv, Gorodovuchi, GlouriousDay, An act of endless contribution, Atmanada Garden, Tick Tock Tack, Flora Scent, Everlasting Blooms, Japanese Fleur, and many more. In my opinion these are the best wordpress themes that I have seen so far.

Would you like to change your theme again? Come and visit the site above and pick out your favorite. The list above are my favorites, and one of these days I will change my theme and use one of them. (When I get enough time to do it.)


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day my DH who is the most wonderful man in the world. We (DC's and I) love you!

We are not very big on personal holidays. We think that holidays are made by big corporations in America so that you will spend money to buy their products. You can see it on TV with their advertisements and on the radio. "You him how much you appreciate him by buying this watch from such and such store". Full of crap in my opinion. If you have the money to spend go right ahead. But I rather spend it on other things that would benefit the whole family.


Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When I visited my family back home for the first time I got a bad case of bed bugs bite. My mother had to take the mattress out to clean it and sprayed it with something. I don't know what kind of spray it was, but it works. I had to wear long pants flying back home to cover it up. I don't want people to think that I caught some kind of disease while on vacation. I wish I had known about Bedbug Guide on how to deal with bugs before this happened. Do you have bugs problem, check this site out.


Friday, June 13, 2008


I always like to decorate our house. I would buy a fabric that resemblance the picture I saw on a magazine and make my own design. And if I can’t find a fabric I would sure buy it. Specially the one from Waverly Bedding, I find their designs amazing. I love all their collection from comforters (the picture above is my favorite with matching window treatment of course), square pillows, boudoir pillows, neckroll pillows, pillow sham, and window treatments like panel air (Amelia Floral, Richmonds panels, French Door panels, Pantry Plaid, Georgette, Felicite, Lightfoot House, Ashton Peony, & Marrguette) and valance like Pantry Plaid Sepia, Seaside Rose, Palm Coast, Garden Gallery, Ballad Bouquet, Summer Splendor, Imperial Dress, Citrus Grove, On Island, and Paddock Shawl.

They been in business for more than 75 years and they are the oldest continuously advertised consumer brand for bedding, sheets, and home decors. Waverly derives its brand equity from its design excellence, quality and value, in contrast to many of its competitors. Today their designs with encompassing ensemble of colors, companion florals, stripes, plaids and woven fabrics are easily recognized in the marketplace. There is no one like it. Check them out, they have a weekly special and right now they offer FREE ground shipping on all orders.


Ron Paul Talks About US Economic Collapse

I'm not really sure if I posted this one already. But hey, no matter you can listen or watch it again.

I can't stress it enough to educate yourself about what is happening to our country. Please take a few minutes and watch it.


Got Termites

Please see this site on how to get rid of termite infestations at You don't want to get termites in your house. It would be very hard to locate them unless you hire pests professional. I haven't yet, and hoping never in my lifetime to experience having termites in my house. Please visit the above site to learn more about how to do your own termite inspection.



Just a warning for some of my online friends, I will be deleting some links under my reads. If you don't have my links on your site I will delete yours. It's getting long and I need the space clear up. So, if you want your link here add me and leave me a message. Yun lang po.


Car Accident

I was 24 years old when I had my first and so far last car accident. It was a very windy road and I was doing 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit. I pretty much knew the turns on this road. It happens so fast and the next thing I remember my car went up the road banks the car was sideways. Good enough I was able to return the car in the roadways. The car was un-drivable because it need to be towed. I was fine but a little shaky that day. My insurance dropped me after paying off my car. They don't want anything to do with me anymore. That was 13 years ago, and I never had any accidents since then.

If you had the same experience check out Advocate Auto Claims at the above or below link. They help car accident victim's re-coupe the diminished value of your vehicle.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day Of School

Yey, finally no driving the kids to school. We can all sleep in late in the morning. And non stop playing outside and dipping in the water. Hoping my DH will buy one of those inflatable pool to keep DC's cool this summer. Ok, I'm off to get my 2nd DS from the corner.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sports Anyone?

I know a lot of people are into sports. Have seen this site, You can chat with other sports fanatics and talk about your favorite professionals or colleges football picks or baseball picks. They also have fantasy sports forum who can't get enough of real thing. Join now and start bragging about your favorite teams.


Dollar Value Dropping

Please watch the video below and learn a thing or two about our economy and to see who is responsible why is this happening. Educate yourself my friends and readers.


Go Green

I had been using reusable grocery bags for a while now. I got it from my local grocery store. If you are looking for some, check out They have cotton mesh bags in bright and pastel colors. They have the benefits of plastic grocery bags; light weight and expandable. But since they are made of cotton, they can carry much more weight, no worry of ripping, and well attached handles.

The cotton canvas tote style that is solid sided and have a capacity similar to standard paper grocery bags. Better than paper grocery bags, no worry of ripping and have a sturdy handles. Come and visit their site and see what other natural and safe for environment things they have.


Turn Paper Into Gold

As you well know it's no secret...Our Economy and Financial markets are facing turbulent due to: Over Government Spending, Plummeting U.S. Dollar, High Energy Prices, Inflation, Crashing Credit, and an Underwater Banking System!

The question on everyone’s mind is

What can I do to protect myself and my privacy?

The Privacy that was guaranteed by the 4th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution has for the most part disappeared in the area of investments. Today just about every asset and investment can be traced; is reportable and visible by the watchful eyes of the Federal Government.

Except!...for “Private” Gold & Silver, the Last Private investments in our “Monetary system”.

Discover how Physical Gold & Silver have been utilized by this nation's wealthiest families in order to pass down Wealth from generation to generation…. Under the radar… and.. Legally!

Learn why Gold & Silver will be the only “Barter” instrument in the coming economic Collapse--Depression!

Why the Amero, the new currency of the North American Union, will replace the Mexican Peso, Canadian Dollar, and U.S. Dollar, therefore destroying the middle class in America.

Learn why Gold & Silver Bullion will be confiscated by the Federal Reserve and what you can do to protect your wealth.

Take the opportunity to educate and empower yourself, before it’s too late!


The Cover Guy

For those of you who own hot tubs or spa I got some information for you. If you need a new or replacement Hot Tub Covers (standard size 4”-2” tapered, deluxe size 4”- 3” tapered, & extreme 5”-4” tapered) and Spa Covers (soft top tonneau spa cover width from 48” to 72” and length of 60” to 84”) the is here to help you with all your needs. They are specifically designed for harsh climates like ice, snow, and harsh rain. In warmer climates the cover cap is a great cover for protecting your tub and spa from sun damage and keeping debris out. The quality of materials and workmanship are second to none. Their easy to use hot tub cover building software will guarantee you a perfect fitting cover.

They also have spa cover lifter like the cover valet. The cover valet is high quality spa cover lifter. The locking shocks do all the work for you. Constructed with highest quality materials, simple to install, lift and stores hot tubs covers, just 6-8” clearance behind the tub or spa, powder coated steel with all zinc coated hardware and built to stand in harsh environments. Also check out the following cover lifter: The cover caddy hot tub spas cover lifter attaches to the side of your tub and you don’t need someone help to remove the hot tub or spa cover. Bottom mount cover lifter has a foot assistant and eliminates the need for expensive shocks. Hydraulic cover lifter lets you lift off your cover with 1 finger. And roller lifter makes it a snap to slide the cover on and off, you can use as a table and completely assembled it only requires screwdriver to mount.

Their company has the leading warranty with FREE delivery any where in the US and Canada. Free delivery has limited time, so check them out now.


Friday, June 6, 2008

DD Graduation

My DD graduated again for the 2nd time. Last year she graduated from pre-school and last night she graduated from pre-K. All the kids looks so cute, they had to sing a few songs and some kids are playing with their gowns. Some are talking amongst each other, some are singing their heart out and some just stands there looking at everyone in the audience.

I didn't have a nice picture of my DD because I was standing at the very back. I feel like walking to the front but I don't want to get my head shot at everyone elses pictures. The above picture is the best one I got. She is the only girl (wearing red gown) at the very front.


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Summer is just around the corner and we're more focused that ever on possibilities - all the fun that people can have this summer with the best products from They have a huge selection of riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, telescopes, rangefinders, laser sights, flashlights, tripods, radar guns, digital camera binoculars, Sunglasses, and much more. They also carry the industry's best brands such as: Leupold, Nikon, EOTech, Burris, Bushnell, Celestron, Tasco, ATN, Bolle, Serengeti and Pelican. They also have a great selection tactical gear such as: Leupold Riflescopes, Bushnell Rifle Scopes, EOTech Sights, Burris Riflesopes and fine selection of Blackhawk tactical gears. This site is a great place for people to explore, learn about your hobbies and find the best gear to suit your needs. has a Best Price Guarantee and they offer FREE UPS shipping on most orders over $29.95.


Thinking Out Loud

Do you ever wonder if you are the right person for your love ones?

Do you ever think that maybe they are better off with someone else?

Do you ever think that maybe they want someone else and you are the last resort?

Do you ever think that maybe the only reason you are together because you are both in the same place and the one he/she wanted is far away?


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back Home

We got back home today around 10 am. I was exhausted about the 17 hours long drive. I didn't had any any sleep last night. But finally got a nap today. After putting everything we brought with us I am tired again and need some more sleep. I think it would take me a few days to get back to normal.


Not Himself

I don't know what to do with my DH. Since he found out about the passing of his bestfriend he wasn't himself anymore. If anyone of you have any suggestions please give it to me. I'm scared and sad that he may get into nervous break down. With the government doing now his best friend gone he may not turn out very well.

Anyone wants to give me some advice, go right ahead.


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