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Friday, January 16, 2009

Desks For DC

Finally after months of locating some cubicle for my home school kids we actually found and bought some. Total of 8 cubicles in all, if set up the way it's supposed to be. The only down side is it does not have drawers. I think we have to buy some metal drawers to put under the desks. We got it from the same person selling the image below and it has the same color too.

Now, all four of them can have their own desk. Next year I am going to teach 3 of them and one in pre-school. Hopefully I can potty trained him on the summer. Maybe start him in a private pre-school just like his older siblings and start kindergarten at home.

We have to find a new bedroom, because like I said before our bedroom is the biggest and we put two desk for my two home school now. Now that we have the cubicle we need to let them use our bedroom because there is no other room except for the family room downstairs. If my youngest DS is older that will work but until then I have to keep their classroom upstairs. Easy access to everything. I think we have to move our bedroom to that family room. That is bigger than our bedroom now but very open and no window that you can see the sunshine from.

DH and I only use it to sleep anyway, so that will be ok. Just thinking about teaching three kids next year makes me stresses out. I hope I can do it.


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