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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recession or Depression (You Decide)

Is the gas price going up again? My guess is they only waited to get our new president inaugurated then hike up the prices again. The government is again covering up what is really happening in our country these days. I think the previous president is trying to make him look good while in office and now that he is gone, he put everything back the way it supposed to be. Furthermore, the American people will blame the newly inaugurated president for everything that is about to happen. I’m not really fond of him either, but passing the blame to someone is not right. Unless you are a cold hearted, no care for our own country, then yes and we all know that (well at least I knew about it).

Before Christmas I saw gas prices in the lower $2.00. And after the Christmas vacation it went up again. I think they make the American people think that everything is fine but in reality the government only wanted for us to spend more money on gifts. Which they say is good for the economy, however if you charge everything in your credit card to buy those gifts now they will raise the loan rates again, and you are stock on paying high percentage rate for borrowing that money. They have done it like bait and a lot of Americans fell for it. I think my husband needs to purchase a goldwing parts to fix his bike to save money on gas. We will never know what tomorrow brings. Are you ready?


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