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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Dad

I have not really post about my fathers' birthday in the past, and I should start doing so. My parents called me last night to greet my family to have a "happy Easter". I'm just talking and talking and then he mentioned his birthday.

Kittens1Yea, duh I forgot again. I still have an excuse because it's only Saturday where I am, and his birthday is not until Sunday. Yes, it was already Sunday in their side of the world.

Kittens2We had a little get together today. I was not expecting many will come but you know, every time I cook for small amount of people there are always many to come. I hate eating left overs and boy, I can tell you there is no left I so embarrass that I stayed out of everyone's way while they are eating. I have more food but its not cook and in addition still frozen. I can't tell them to hold on while I thaw or cook something.

Kittens3Our kittens are getting so big. They are starting to wander off the bedroom, and they play a lot more this week. I just can't seems to part with them. Why can't we keep them all DH? I know you already told me but they are just too cute to part with. Two of them likes to climb on my lap and sleep. Nothing is so relaxing with kittens sleeping on your lap while stroking their furs.


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