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Monday, April 26, 2010

There is Always The First Time

I live here in my little town for 7 years now. We like our road because it is off the main road and only the people live in this street drives down here. We have known our neighbors faces (not names) and we are fine with it. That means we get into less trouble that way. They may talk about us, but at least they don't know our names...:))

Around lunch today, I was surprised to hear a siren. I knew right away that it was close to us. The only siren I have heard before was from the highway tens of yards from our house. Plenty of them in the past. DH was browsing for local news this afternoon and found out that there was an accident behind our house around lunch time today. It was just outside our road. We didn't see it because we have about a few yards of trees behind our house. Thank goodness for that, the car may end up in our backyard if there are no trees back there.

Here is the news about it. I just wanted to add that we have drizzle all day long.


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