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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Yes, I am just saying. I know no one care but hey, for the few who are stopping by here. Having a nicer weather does not keep me blogging these days. I have to spend time with the kids outside. Making sure no one is reporting them being alone out there to the social services.

Our kittens are exploring the house now. Their mother is not feeding them as much like before. Any day now, they will start eating and time to give them away. I can't believe we have to give them away. I wanted to keep them all if DH allows.

The male kitten is the most friendly of all. When we pick him up, all he does is sleep, and it does not matter if he is right side up, or upside down. He also likes to climb on our lap and sleep there.

The orange one is a female, that is most likely we are keeping. She likes to climb on our lap too and sleep there upside down. She does not like to be petted much, but when she can't get away, she takes a nap instead.

The gray one is another female, I don't like the fur on this one. She looks like she is always scared, she also likes to be held. The cream one, female, always hides, and we hardly play with because she is always hiding. They are all very playful at this age when they are awake.

That's it for today. Our home schooling always comes next to being outside. It's hard to keep the kids inside to do them. I found myself bargaining most of the time. Have a great week.


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