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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visit Where I Came From

I actually never been there before. I left the island very early on and the construction of this resort did not started until the late 1990's. When we (my family) visit in 2001 a typhoon just passed and it was left ruined.

I guessed the owner got a loan and rebuild from the ruins. A little pricey for my taste, but if you like secluded and quiet place this is the place to go. Watching the videos made me home sick. I miss the ocean, the beach and the warm temperature. I want to go home...:(


Friday, January 28, 2011

Waterprof Winter Boots

My husband will be needing an extra pair of Sorel shoes for next winter. One pair is not enough when he goes out for our plowing his costumers parking lots. Not only he plows, but he also shovel and snow blows snow. When the snow is high that is when he needed an extra pair because his boots can be only waterproof on certain height.

However, Sorel boots are much better than Geox men shoes. Why you ask, because the latter can't be worn on the snow. Dress shoes can do more harm in snow than it is intended use. I can see him coming home in pain with them on.

He also goes through one regular work boot a year. I think one of these work Frye shoes will be perfect for him. Cushioned insole can ease his feet all day. I feel bad when he gets home complaining that his feet hurt. He is the only one working in our household, and I want to make sure nothing distresses him while working. By the way, I added an image of my favorite pair Sorel winter boots above.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The TurnTable

A person that my husband knew was cleaning his house and trying to get rid lots of old electronics. DH grab everything and brought them home now knowing what type of electronics are in each box.

He brought a few boxes inside the house and left the rest in the garage. Our children dug on those boxes like they are getting new toys or something. My youngest son found the turntable and some CD's. He put one of the CD's on it thinking it is a huge CD rom drive.

Our children never seen anyone used turntable before, and they don't know what it is for either. He is our little scientist in the house. I wonder if he tried putting the needle on the CD. I actually did not saw him did it, simply showed us what he did after it was all done. DH even suggested to grab my camera and blog about it, and here I am. Children are astonishing.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Do I Need It, Good Question

Most of the things available these days are mostly for convenience and easement on how to do things. No one is honest and even the people you know most likely take advantage of you when money is involved. They will take anything they can put their hands on. I am very surprised because most of these people say they believe God, Jesus, and religious.

If everyone can follow the golden rules, we don't need to shop for a free auto policy quotes. However, like I mentioned above, you can't trust no one. They will promise everything while you are talking to them, but that is the first and last time you'll be able to talk to them. They will lie and probably sell their soul to the devil, just to get out of paying for hitting your vehicle because they don't want to pay for discount auto insurance.

However, if the judgment is no faults, even an affordable car insurance will do nothing for you. You still need to pay to all the repairs for your vehicles. Not only that, they will raise your premium because of this accident. Furthermore, those drivers who follow the road rules get burned by those who aren't. Moreover, that's the reason why they call it accident because it is unexpected. Nevertheless, plenty of people abuse the insurance system and that is what I don't like about it.


Worldless Wednesday

I will post the story about this tomorrow. For now, use your


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Most Asked Question

I have been in this country half of my life, and I am starting to find people from my village online, mostly in social networks. After asking how am I, the very next and most asked question is, "do you have a job?"

Yes, I have a job. I teach my children full time. I cook, I clean the house full time. I am a freelance writer of some sort, among other things. Then they will say, "oh, I am talking about a paying job." What is the matter with people these days? People from where I came from mostly. They think of an individual that does not have a paying job, nothing. Very close to the people with no degree.

I miss where I came from because of winter here. I always get like this the same time every year. I kept reminding my husband that if we move there, we can have fresh of everything, especially cocoa and coffee. He loves chocolates and coffee so, I am trying to rub it in...:)) However, he hated islands and too far away from his family. I don't want him to have the feeling I am having every winter all the time.

So, anyway chatting with the people from home can lessen my homesickness. However, the questions they ask annoy me a lot. Furthermore, my nephews and nieces want me to find them some internet pals. I don't know anyone who is the same age as they are. And even if I do, I don't think they will like it. Perhaps older people who been divorce a few times, but I'm sure my nephews and nieces will not like it. Plus, I am not good in the match making thing. I like it the natural way, just like DH and I. It develops over time. We went out and hang out. Long distance whatever it is they wanted, will not start from me. Am I mean or


Friday, January 21, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Here are my sky today while shoveling my front walk path around 8 in the morning. Have a great weekend everyone. After educating my children today, I will be tackling a lot of cleaning because DH is having company tomorrow. I should send my children to a weekend re-treat of some sort for easy cleaning. I wish I


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice & Sleet

Yucky day to drive around, and DH has been out since 2 in the morning. He is probably soaking wet right now and very cold. I think I have about an inch of sleet on the ground right now. We had 1 inch of snow before the freezing rain came down today.

I don't even know if we have any salt to melt our walk path. And our driveway will not get plow until DH gets home. I hope he is still dry.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Never Have to Use it

Living in the northern part of the country have a lot of disadvantages and advantages at the same time. If you love four seasons and enjoy everything about it, you are more likely to live where I am, perhaps more north than I am. I like the seasons but I am leaning more to warmer weather because I love to plant my own vegetables.

What I hate about changing seasons is the fact that sometimes I get the changing temperatures during warm or cold months. Other than that, I am pretty much a content person driving on a snowy road. I haven't tried driving on ice with tire chains yet, but there is always that first time. As of now, I am pretty happy staying home and educating my children.

I don't need to go outside during any type of storm. My husband is always around to plow our driveway after plowing all his customers. And I make sure, to keep an eye on my children while they are outside. Having an accident is not good with unplow driveway, and I'm not even sure if tire chains will help me get out. However, like I said I haven't tried it yet. I heard they are very easy to install, even women can do it. If there is someone like me, I will make sure to pick "Easy to Go," install less than 2-minute tire chains. Hey, I don't want to be out there longer than I should. Do you?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow

I think my children are happy now that we got about 7 inches of snow overnight. The snow that we been getting is a joke lately for the children to play on. When they stepped on them, you can see the ground or grass. This time, it will take a few steps before they can see the ground.

I was out earlier than usual today because two of my children needed to attend some kind of testing in our local library. However, after shoveling my way out of the house and the way out of my mini-van, their teachers called an hour before the the schedule time.

Now my children wanted to play outside, but I told them that they needed to finish their lessons before going out. All of them wanted to finish the same time now. So, i better feed them lunch and get back to learning again. TTFN.


Friday, January 7, 2011

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Yes, he have snow today.

My 2011 Jump Start
Maybe I should change the title to "Good start in 2011" or "2011 off to a good start," either way I think you got the point. I am happy on our 2011 start (knock on wood). DH and I did not argue on NYE, I hate arguing with him because he will not stop arguing until he thinks I got the point. I can say he is the girl in the family and I am the boy. Meaning I don't like to argue and have any confrontation. Him, he talks and talk and talk...which I like...I think this is a good combination for us. If no one is willing to back down, it would be a war. I like to add that we are both Leo. Yea, now you understand where I am coming from...:)) luv you honey...(just in case you are reading this)

My blogs are picking up again for paid post. Sorry, but I need to make extra bucks for things that we want. It only happens once in a while and I need to grab them before it disappears again. When there is no offer, all I can do is wait and see what happen. I try very hard to stay with my theme when writing for paid posts. However, there are times that I can't and please forgive me.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Updates

Actually this is more like, "our Christmas vacation" type of I finished the things I listed that needed to get done around the house. Well, my part that is. I did finished folding and putting away the children clothes. Their closets are now filled with their everyday clothes, new clothes and hand down clothes. All socks and underwear are back where they are supposed to be.

I even gave all the children a trim from the over grown summer haircuts I gave them. They all look very cute after that. My 1st grader is looking more like a little man every day. DD had her bangs trimmed as well. She's been looking through them for a while, and the same with my youngest son. I'm hoping the hair will last until spring, because that's the next time we have a mini vacation from learning.

My ODS is home since Thursday noon. DH picked him up from his father's house. He will be with us until Sunday. It's good to have him back even for a little while during his winter vacation from college. Again, I don't have to worry about on what to cook. I just ask him, and that is what I make, and everyone eats it. Furthermore, left over is not an issue when he is around.

We went to a New Years party on Saturday afternoon, and we did not get home until 1AM the next morning. Of course everyone was sleep until noon the same day. What a day to start school the next day...:))

DH been home a lot lately. The snow we got last time was a joke. I am happy that he can spend some time with the whole family on winter months. However, I can hardly see him when we get a lot of snow. He usually come home to change clothes, have coffee or pick up some homemade lunch. Then he will sleeps until he is not tired anymore. That starts his day and night mixed up, and will not get into his normal routine until a few days later after coming home from plowing snows. If we have a back to back snow storms, well, I get a very grumpy

First day back to learning today. We did good, we were done exactly at 3pm. I was stressing out before today that we will not get done until bedtime again. I thank all of them for being good and cooperative today. It's always nice when everything goes with our schedule. Tomorrow will be a little different, my 4th grader have a live lesson via elluminate around noon. Then his speech teacher will come at 3pm for his session. So, there will be two extra hours he will not be doing lessons.

That's it for today. How was your first Monday in 2011?


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