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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bang, Crush, Clang

When we first bought our house, everything we got fits on the main living floor. We have three pc's, DH, ODS and mine. When my family grow from four to six, so was the pc's because everyone wanted to be on it and play games. Even a two year old DC can use it.

So, we expanded downstairs. Half of our basement is finish, then we put all of the pc's down there except mine. We ran out of desk and DH made one and also made an office for himself because she doesn't like it when the children made a messed of everything he has on his desk.

Well, fast forward to this weekend on Saturday. While all of us are busy playing games, we all heard crush, bang, boom inside the classroom upstairs. DH office is just underneath. I ran down, because when I don't come down right away he gets mad saying, "I may be hurting and cannot call out and you never bother checking up on me," so I did.

He even opened the basement door for me, he looks very red, I asked, "what happened, what dropped so loudly?" It was his homemade desk, he said he was trying to get up and cannot remember if he pulled or pushed the desk, then it collapsed on him. Pc, monitor, and router are off. He thinks he ruined them.

Well, everyone complained about the internet being off, so I went to his office and unplugged everything behind his desk, and looked for extension cords to plug everything I took off the wall. I found out the that the outlet got pulled out by the dropped of his desk.

Anyway, he moved his pc into the classroom. One of the extra Ethernet cable is not working so well for him and all I hear is him sighing and complaining on what's wrong with it. Well, he finally figured that the cable is faulty and got a new one which work just fine. Then, the monitor is not big enough for him. ODS came home from college and he's not using his desktop. I told him there is a flat monitor on top of the bookcase. He don't want to bother because he doesn't know where to put the tube monitor that he's currently using. I said, just make it small, no answer, then all of a sudden, "duh! I can shrink the size." I told myself, what am I chopped liver? And I have to put up with him now that he is in the classroom right behind me...ugh...Man! If I don't help, I get a sermon, when I try to help, it just pass through the other ear.


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