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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Same Old MIL only Different Day

Every day same old story for her. Waked up not knowing where she is, yelling at her husband for sharing a bed because he is a stranger and she never saw him in her life. She calls him old, but when he answered, "just like you, old," she will say, "are you kidding me." Sounds to me that she thinks that she is not old, even looking on the mirror.

Telling us that we are teaching our children to lie to her, when we asked in front of her who are in the picture. You can see how backward her thinking is. I always give her the angry look every time. And when she is in the good mood and remembering things, I am more angry.

I can't wait to move in our new (old) house. She can have her own bedroom and DH & I don't have to explain to her much. She can think that she lives in home for the ages. She doesn't have to complain sharing a room with her own husband anymore. Two and a half more weeks before we can sign the title transfer.


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