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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Excuses After Excuses

Selective dementia is what I always call what she have. I always think that she is playing a game every time she claims that she doesn't know anything or she doesn't remember anything. You would think that she will be a little nicer when she claim it, but no, she is in her nastiest when she is like that.

Sshhhh, don't say anything I said that, "she says in the low voice." Now, she is turning me into a liar like herself for not confronting  the person she is talking about. We all know she is crazy, but for not saying what we think making us look more crazier than she is. The way she talk, she makes a two year old less absurd than she is. However, I can't get myself to believe that she is sick the way she act.

She calls her husband old man, but she can't grasp that she her herself is not young. And you will think that she should be nicer to an old person because she thinks she is young. But no, she is still nasty to old people. I should probably install mirror every where, so that she can see that she is also old. Will she see it, and comprehend it in her mind?

Ugh! this is way too early for me. I should go back to bed and wake up refresh again.


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