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Thursday, July 18, 2013

DH Thought of an Idea

I was also glad that DH thought of it. Ever since he told his mother about this, she never had an episode that she wanted everyone to get out of her house (well she thinks it's her house) because we are not wanted or we are strangers.

Please remember she has dementia and lately she can only remember us 95% of the time. She is like a two year old with extra hormones. Since she always thinks that the old man in her (their) bedroom is a stranger, and she never met him (but only now) or saw him in her life, DH told her, "when your husband gets home, let him deal with the stranger." "You (his mother) are not authorize to throw anyone in the street, we will ask your husband as soon as he gets home what to do with these strangers."

I think she thinks that she is still young (20's). Even looking at the mirror does not help. Her brain cannot comprehend that she also looks old.

However, since she always forgets to ask her husband to throw the stranger every time she remember, there is no harm done. We also told her to check her bedroom for the said stranger when she remember her husband, but somehow she thinks the stranger ran away or hiding in the closet or jump out of the window.

The stranger must be a magician because nothing is broken, and the clothes the stranger wore somehow magically transfer to her husband. I'm happy that we can stop her from screaming at everyone to get out. I can't wait to get a bigger house to give them separate bedrooms. Soon, I hope.


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