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Sunday, January 17, 2010

DH is Aching

Yesterday, DH did some kind of training exercises with fellow liberty/freedom followers. He left very early in the morning because the training was west of us, 3 hours west of us. We made some potato bread for him with chop nuts, brown sugar, and honey. I wrap it with very thin whole wheat flour bread dough because you can't really make potato bread without wheat flour (mostly) on it.

He said that they went up and down the mountain twice. They visited the local army store to buy some stuff that they don't have. And some lesson about surviving the cold. They made a big bonfire and everyone cook their own food. He only has his potato breads and water. He said some of them don't even have anything to sleep on, and he lends his poncho to his buddy. It was in the 20's last night.

Around 11PM their group leader asked everyone if they wanted to go home. And sure enough everyone wanted to leave, and he got home around 4am today. I heard the noise in the driveway and look out the window and saw his truck. I was wondering what had happened and why he is home so early. Anyway, I can't disclose that part. He was actually thinking that I might shoot him being in our driveway at the time of morning. (He told me after he woke up at noon).

I was watching him walking to our front door, and he was almost dragging his vest and backpack behind him. I thought he was very tired and can't go on any longer. It turns out, he is hurting in places he doesn't know he I was laughing so hard inside. I can't let him see I was laughing because I know he will turn it around and make fun of me instead. That I catch my breath running up our stairs.

He can't even take off his winter jacket, blouse and boots off. He looks so funny trying to take them off. When he finally woke up around 11am today, he was complaining about his legs that he can't bend them going down stairs. I just can't help but laugh some more. His military days were long gone, and he is out of shape. No, his not fat, he is actually skinny, but he is not young anymore and so do I. I was used to climbing mountains when I was young too, but I bet you I can't do that anymore.

He makes me chuckle sometimes. However, I know how he feels right now. BTW, he is out doing salt run to some costumers. He is hoping he does not need to be out of the truck to shovel anything poor Mr.


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