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Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Updates "In This Life of Ours"

I can't believe my vacation was over. I had a hard time getting back to our old routine today. Not to mention DC are having hard time waking up early again. I hate holidays, it messes up our schedule. And at the same time I love holiday because I was able to finish my laundry piled. They are clean but I don't have time to fold, hang, and iron them before putting them away in every closets in my house. All the laundry baskets are empty and my kids drawers and closets have clothes again.

I completed most of the tasks I wanted to do except for DD catching up on her lessons. She simply look very bored and "do I really have to study on my vacation" look on her face every time I tried doing some works with her. We went to the library twice and rented some DVD's that are good for developing minds. I made pizza and cinnamon rolls, I can't believe I actually accomplish something in a week and a half vacation. All the Christmas decoration are down and safely put away.

DH brought DD for her AIMSWEB testing today. All I got from that was DD writing is very neat. I will not get the result until April I believe. I breath easily now because I survive the first day of cyber school again. I'm hoping my kids will wake up earlier tomorrow. The breakfast that I made today was already cold when they finally came out of their bedroom.

MIL birthday is coming, she does not celebrate but I have to remind DH to greet her. I finally gave the finances responsibility to DH. He offered to help because with all of my house works and teaching I hardly had time for it and always getting behind putting every cents spent in our end. I wish him good luck and hopefully he will keep it until our kids are grown and I have less to do around the house.

I filled up some paper works at FAFSA for my ODS. I had to sign some paper works however, I rather not because what I am doing is against to what we are fighting for. In the other hand I have to because I agree that I will help him with his college finances when his father and I went our separate ways. I will sign it but it will be under protest.

I am hoping for a New Year filled with good things from every directions. I am praying that no blood will be shed against our government and leaders. I think I will be praying very hard for it.


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