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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My PC Needs Reformatting Again

I wanted to add some images in my blogs for Valentine's day. I have downloaded a lot of freebies left and right when I saw the one I liked. It turns out that all the zip file I got was empty. How can it be? It took a long time to download the stupid things, and now they turn out to be empty. Did I download some kind of virus that wiped the file empty?

All the pdf file that is sent to me from my children school, I can't view either. It just kept telling me that there is no file found in my downloaded folder. My downloader said download complete but somehow wherever I save it, my file reader can't find whatever name, I named the stupid file.

It used to be that I just right click on the download window and the file will open automatically but now the right click on that the "open" button I can't click because it's not clickable. Meaning it looks like I did not download anything, but somehow I am using bandwidth doing it. Argh, this is very annoying.

I have to delete most of my scrap booking freebie downloads and saves the ones I can use somewhere and clean my stinking hard drive again. That can take a long time to sort including all the things I wanted to keep. This thing all started when MS started telling me that my free copy of MS office is not valid after 2.5 years. I am very prostrated right now.

Anyway, hello to everyone. I got plenty to say but I don't have enough time to post right now. I will catch up later.


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