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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Home Phone

This is not a land line phone, this is another cell phone that is included in our family plan. And this one only cost $10 a month plus taxes and everything that the government added to it.

We used to have a land line, and it cost us $50 a month for two lines, not including calls outside our area. Locals call are free, but when we call my SIL, they charge something. Not as big as long distance rate but there were charges. Mind you, we live in the same area code. One land line is almost the same price, so we said yes to two lines.

When the local cable company offered cable internet in our area, we dropped the land line and got VOIP instead. That thing is really cheap, when he had it was about $20 a month. Local long distance and even in Canada and Mexico it was free, and it cost me $0.20 a minute when I call my parents. The only thing I don't like about it is we can't have a local number. So, our neighbor will get charge long distance for calling us, along with SIL. And when we don't have power or internet we don't have a phone.

So, after a few years we got rid of it and kept our cell phones. We have the cell phones also the whole time we have a land line. The cell phones are very convenient, and we can carry it everywhere too. And we also have one just to stay at home. We don't use it, meaning we don't put it as our home phone when filling up forms. No one knows the number except for people we know.

We get so many calls from the home phone. People who are looking for local Veteran Affairs, looking for a man, a woman and so many telemarketers. DH answered it one time and the man at the other end (so he said) sounded very depressed. The man called him by his first name, and they started talking. DH got an impression that the man is handicapped and cannot go places, unless his family was home. DH kept on asking who the man was and finally after a few days, the man said that he called a few months back asking for someone and DH said "this is ____" and the whole time the man kept his name and our phone number. The man was asking DH if they can meet in some gas station to talk. I told him a lot of things about bad people/maniacs or something. Is the man that desperate to talk to someone and wanted to meet DH, is he gay and maniac at the same time? I think this happened in the winter when DH is not working much. And when spring came, he still calls, but I never answer it becuase DH is not home and working, and finally he stopped calling. That was very weird kind of person.

Anyway, today, someone called the home cell phone again. The phone number showed on the caller ID. A man with a very distinctive accent was on the other end. He was looking for "Greenville BMW". I told him "did you know you are in NJ?", he said yes and he asked me if I am in PA. And the place he was looking for is in PA. Then I asked him where is Greenville located, he said by Port Jervis. I just told him he was way off, and I hang up.

After a few minutes, he called back again and asked me if I can look it up from the phone book. I told him I think we don't have the same phone book. That I am at the very bottom/end/south of this area code and the one he is looking for is at the very top/north. Port Jervis is in the border of NY/NJ/PA and I am in the east/central part. That is about 2 hours without any traffic from me. I asked him where should I look for it, automobile or dealer. This one will make you smile because I was thinking about know "BMW". He was talking about clubs, I think he wants to go out and have fun. I was laughing the whole time after he told me "club". I looked it up and I was right all along, we don't have the same phone book even though we have the same area code. I can't believe it, I thought I was trying to be nice and find a dealer for this man. Ah ah, I think he is looking for a club for BMW to meet other people. I feel like putting a "DUNCE" sign on my head. My goodness, this is what I get trying to be nice with DH advice.


Allen's Darling January 10, 2010 at 6:39 PM  

Thanks for the christmas card ate eden...

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