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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday

They were growing in my backyard, zoomed at 7.0X by canon powershot A400.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Same Old MIL only Different Day

Every day same old story for her. Waked up not knowing where she is, yelling at her husband for sharing a bed because he is a stranger and she never saw him in her life. She calls him old, but when he answered, "just like you, old," she will say, "are you kidding me." Sounds to me that she thinks that she is not old, even looking on the mirror.

Telling us that we are teaching our children to lie to her, when we asked in front of her who are in the picture. You can see how backward her thinking is. I always give her the angry look every time. And when she is in the good mood and remembering things, I am more angry.

I can't wait to move in our new (old) house. She can have her own bedroom and DH & I don't have to explain to her much. She can think that she lives in home for the ages. She doesn't have to complain sharing a room with her own husband anymore. Two and a half more weeks before we can sign the title transfer.


Friday, July 19, 2013

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Cloudy with a chance of...

The real feel is much better than yesterday. Join us @


Thursday, July 18, 2013

DH Thought of an Idea

I was also glad that DH thought of it. Ever since he told his mother about this, she never had an episode that she wanted everyone to get out of her house (well she thinks it's her house) because we are not wanted or we are strangers.

Please remember she has dementia and lately she can only remember us 95% of the time. She is like a two year old with extra hormones. Since she always thinks that the old man in her (their) bedroom is a stranger, and she never met him (but only now) or saw him in her life, DH told her, "when your husband gets home, let him deal with the stranger." "You (his mother) are not authorize to throw anyone in the street, we will ask your husband as soon as he gets home what to do with these strangers."

I think she thinks that she is still young (20's). Even looking at the mirror does not help. Her brain cannot comprehend that she also looks old.

However, since she always forgets to ask her husband to throw the stranger every time she remember, there is no harm done. We also told her to check her bedroom for the said stranger when she remember her husband, but somehow she thinks the stranger ran away or hiding in the closet or jump out of the window.

The stranger must be a magician because nothing is broken, and the clothes the stranger wore somehow magically transfer to her husband. I'm happy that we can stop her from screaming at everyone to get out. I can't wait to get a bigger house to give them separate bedrooms. Soon, I hope.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer is For... Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

....swimming @ quarry swim club

....swimming @ home pool

....digging sand @ public beaches

....and more swimming in a pool

....and tan lots of it. Do you tan or simply turn red?

Wordless Wednesdays



Monday, July 15, 2013

Bang, Crush, Clang

When we first bought our house, everything we got fits on the main living floor. We have three pc's, DH, ODS and mine. When my family grow from four to six, so was the pc's because everyone wanted to be on it and play games. Even a two year old DC can use it.

So, we expanded downstairs. Half of our basement is finish, then we put all of the pc's down there except mine. We ran out of desk and DH made one and also made an office for himself because she doesn't like it when the children made a messed of everything he has on his desk.

Well, fast forward to this weekend on Saturday. While all of us are busy playing games, we all heard crush, bang, boom inside the classroom upstairs. DH office is just underneath. I ran down, because when I don't come down right away he gets mad saying, "I may be hurting and cannot call out and you never bother checking up on me," so I did.

He even opened the basement door for me, he looks very red, I asked, "what happened, what dropped so loudly?" It was his homemade desk, he said he was trying to get up and cannot remember if he pulled or pushed the desk, then it collapsed on him. Pc, monitor, and router are off. He thinks he ruined them.

Well, everyone complained about the internet being off, so I went to his office and unplugged everything behind his desk, and looked for extension cords to plug everything I took off the wall. I found out the that the outlet got pulled out by the dropped of his desk.

Anyway, he moved his pc into the classroom. One of the extra Ethernet cable is not working so well for him and all I hear is him sighing and complaining on what's wrong with it. Well, he finally figured that the cable is faulty and got a new one which work just fine. Then, the monitor is not big enough for him. ODS came home from college and he's not using his desktop. I told him there is a flat monitor on top of the bookcase. He don't want to bother because he doesn't know where to put the tube monitor that he's currently using. I said, just make it small, no answer, then all of a sudden, "duh! I can shrink the size." I told myself, what am I chopped liver? And I have to put up with him now that he is in the classroom right behind me...ugh...Man! If I don't help, I get a sermon, when I try to help, it just pass through the other ear.


Friday, July 12, 2013

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Nyahh! I am late posting today. I had a busy day, forgive my tardiness. I finally capture this helicopter passing above for a while now, every morning. It return around three in the afternoon. Commuter to Philly maybe, I do not know. I wish I can fly a helicopter, actually DH had a basic idea on how to.

"Zoomed at 7.0x"
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (Critters around my yard)

What a challenge taking pictures of these little things. Focusing with the zoomed on. I can't really get close to them because they will fly away. Even pointing the camera in the right direction before zooming is not easy. :)
"honey bee"

Enjoy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Excuses After Excuses

Selective dementia is what I always call what she have. I always think that she is playing a game every time she claims that she doesn't know anything or she doesn't remember anything. You would think that she will be a little nicer when she claim it, but no, she is in her nastiest when she is like that.

Sshhhh, don't say anything I said that, "she says in the low voice." Now, she is turning me into a liar like herself for not confronting  the person she is talking about. We all know she is crazy, but for not saying what we think making us look more crazier than she is. The way she talk, she makes a two year old less absurd than she is. However, I can't get myself to believe that she is sick the way she act.

She calls her husband old man, but she can't grasp that she her herself is not young. And you will think that she should be nicer to an old person because she thinks she is young. But no, she is still nasty to old people. I should probably install mirror every where, so that she can see that she is also old. Will she see it, and comprehend it in her mind?

Ugh! this is way too early for me. I should go back to bed and wake up refresh again.


Friday, July 5, 2013

LATSOF/Sky Watch Friday

Traveling home in the highway from Hopewell NJ. No, this is not in Hopewell :). Yes, I enhanced the photo to show the sun rays. Taken by Thunderbolt HTC.

Taken from my vegetable garden, under a snap peas with Canon PowerShot A400.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013


by Thelen Paulk

I had a dream the other night, I didn't understand.
A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.
His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by the bed,
He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low, he said: 

"We fought a revolution, to secure our liberty.
We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny,
For future generations, this legacy we gave,
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave." 

"The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you'd always keep.
But tyrants labored endlessly, while your parents were asleep.
Your freedom gone, your courage lost, you're no more
than a slave,
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave." 

"You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun,
Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.
On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent,
Although you have no voice in choosing how the money's spent." 

"Your children must attend a school that doesn't educate.
Your Christian values can't be taught, according to the state.
You read about the current news, in a regulated press.
You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the I.R.S."

"Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold.
You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.
You pay for crimes that make our nation turn from God in shame,
You've taken Satan's number, as you've traded in your name." 

"You've given government control to those who do you harm,
So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm,
And keep the country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,
Harass your fellow countrymen, while corrupted courts prevail." 

"Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oath they've sworn.
Your daughters visit doctors so their children won't be born.
Your leaders ship artillery and guns to foreign shores,
And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people's wars." 

"Can you regain freedom for which we fought and died?
Or don't you have the courage or the faith to stand with pride?
Are there no more values for which you'll fight to save?
Or do you wish your children to live in fear and be a slave?" 

"Sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand!
Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land!
Preserve our great republic and each God-given right,
And pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright!" 

As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from which he came.
His words were true, we are not free. We have ourselves to blame.
For even now as tyrants trample each God-given right,
We only watch and tremble, too afraid to stand and fight. 

If he stood by your bedside, in a dream while you're asleep,
And wondered what remains of our rights he fought to keep,
What would be your answer, if he called out from the grave?
Is this still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Frogs can be seen at PIL swimming pool. DH told me that his parent bought the house in 1988. I met them in 1998 and when I saw this pool it was already like this. Ten years, from a very nice swimming pool to a very expensive frog breeding water...hehehehe MIL insisted that she loves the music they make. Yes, but she will not love it when the time to sell the property, and not getting what she paid for.

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