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Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Time Swimming

For 2009 season that is. We had the real feel of 90°F today. As soon as we woke up today our house was already warm. Then I cooked breakfast and lunch and the warm turn to hot. DC kept on asking going swimming in the pool today. Being a mom and I can't stand whining i went outside and skimmed the dirt floating on the top and they just dive in (not literally of course). The first time I wet my legs I could have jump out of my skin. Mind you the water is less than knee high for me.

While they were enjoying the cold water I turn on the hose and added more cold water. I think we are half way done with the water. We stayed for almost 4 and 1/2 hour. The sun was beating on us so hard, I put some sun tan lotion on them. I can't get myself swimming in that cold water plus I was getting tired of collecting flower pieces in the water. I left them there for 30 minutes longer because they refuses to get out.

The best part of the day is, my skin have a little tan. Getting it little by little throughout the year is better than getting it at once and getting burnt in the process. DC have color on them too. Two of them past out right now. I tired them out today.


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