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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Favorite Song

We have 2 DVD's of this movie and we always take it with us when we go for a drive. We (DH and I) both like the beat of this song. Happy and uplifting song. I read somewhere the English version but I like it the way it is, we pronounce the letters the same way and I can easily sing along. Plus, I used to dance (Hawaiian dance) this in grade school program during United Nation's day. Very easy steps and the part I like most was throwing my hips around just like the way they do in this movie or the actual show while wearing coconut leaves skirt, fun times. Too bad the pictures was ruined with too much humidity (Phil). They all got stuck together and we tried separating them, but the color was mix with others and we get a very colorful piece of paper. We can't make out who's in the

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music.


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