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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally, I Got Hold of Them

Oh my, I can't get a hold of anyone back home. I told my parents last week that I will call again to give them the reference number for the cash I will send. They called me on Saturday, and I told them to call me back this passed Saturday (the end of February). I got a text telling me to call them back right away on Saturday night around 11pm. I have no way of calling them because I was sleeping, and it was a text, and I did not hear my phone rang. I really don't mind calling, but they are always out of signal.

Well, finally I got a hold of them yesterday, after I called my sister in law, my Aunt, then my brother who is, by the way, working. Mind you, I forgot his extension, and I have to tell the receptionist who he works under. So, I was talking to his boss for good three minutes, telling me how good my brother and how trustworthy he is. I do feel bad because I know I can call him directly without his boss knowing it. However, he was fine with it, as soon as I told him I am his sister, and he already knew that I am calling overseas.

Anyway, I few minutes later my mother called, telling me to call her back because she didn't have much load, and she will not go to town to get some until this weekend. She told me the story about the text she sent (via my sister). It turns out my sister in law has a little signal in her house and text can go through. So, next time I have to contact them, all I have to do is text my sister in law, and she will relay the message. They used to have a signal with their antenna, but since they got the antenna, then a typhoon came and after that there was no more signal.

Have I mentioned that I hate calling them, not that I don't want to talk to them but it is very hard to connect. Argh...


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