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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Surprise

It was the weekend and we all take our time waking up. It was our lazy day. Around 8am DH got a call that his parents are coming to visit. And he was also told that his one sister is coming over to surprise her 19 year old daughter for her birthday. I was making cinnamon rolls when DH told me. I was still in my pajamas, and I told them to start cleaning up.

Two hours later my PIL came while I was still cleaning the foyer. MIL said don't worry about being messy, they don't mind. Yes, that would be fine if they are the only people coming. However, we are expecting other people. Anyway, the day was a typical day for DH and his mother. Arguing about stuff that they both do not agree. MIL saying that other people have different take about right or wrong and DH flip out. I am with DH, I don't care what your views in life, right and wrong is right and wrong.

For example, you are cheating to your partner. Do you think it is right? Even if your partner does not know anything about it, it is still wrong. However you look at it (upside down, right side up, backwards, forwards, being sarcastic here), it is still wrong. Well, with my MIL mind it is ok. Oh my, I always say that DH is 99% just like his mother, now I take it back. And he'd better not turned like his mother.

Another thing, we all found out this weekend that his parents are sick. They were both ex-smokers and it turns out that they have COPD. I will not go into details about it but, my sister in laws new husband says that his mother had that before passing. I don't really know how long she last after using an oxygen tank. DH and I both agree that we saw his father using one. We are not really sure when we saw it but we both agree that we saw it.

DH oldest sister broke the news over the weekend to his middle sister and this middle sister told us yesterday. My PIL was having the gasping cough for a long time now (since I knew them) and the doctor finally found what was wrong with him after all these years. My MIL in the other hand, don't have any symptom at all but tested positive also.

I don't really know how DH feel about all of this. I asked him but all I got was "I'm ok". I know we are not the best of friends, but I am his wife. He can tell me anything. He was playing a game right after everyone left yesterday. This is his way on dealing with the stress. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to tell the truth on how he feels about the news.

He will be away again next weekend, at least his not at home to think about it. He will be busy talking with other people and no time to think about family issues.


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