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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Eyes Has Sinned Me

I don't go out much to just window shop and look at people passing by. Well, it happened last Thursday when DH picked his new prescription glasses. After our kids class, we went to WalMart to pick it up. And while we are waiting for DH people went about their own business as I am.

There were only 2 people in front of him waiting to pick up something. I think we waited a good 45 minute, and finally it was his turn. While waiting to get fitted and making sure nothing is wrong with his glasses, people started to pile up. I can't help but judge this person on how they dress and wear their hair. What do I expect, it's WalMart for drying out loud.

It was a nice day but nice enough, unless you are from Alaska or North Pole vacationing in my area. Tights with spaghetti strap, a see through top with black bra, and high heels. She was pushing a baby on a stroller and 3 other kids tagging along. Ok, so she is smaller thinner than me but come on, after a few kids you bound to have some loose skins around your belly. The only thing missing is white panty, and she will have the whole (trash) package.

Oh, Yahweh/Yeshua forgive me, my eyes had sinned me. I just needed to let it out.


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