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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our kitten eyes are almost open after 1 week and 3 days. We are started to pick and pet them. They actually complain every time we pick them up. They just need to get use to being petted. Mommy's cat is spending too much time outside with the kids and the kittens don't complain much. They just sleep and sleep when their mommy is away.

DH is away again for the whole weekend. He will be back early tonight after the rally in Harrisburg. He called me this morning, and he wanted me and the kids to meet him there. I rather put away a month worth of laundry than driving 2 hours and a half with the kids and away from the house. If I can go by myself, I will in a heartbeat. However, being out with the kids is another story. They are getting bigger but not big enough to understand that we are going there to support the rally, which they need to be quiet and stand for a long time.

Our week has been very nice. I skimmed leaves off our aboveground pool yesterday while the kids are playing outside. They are all asking to go in it, but after I showed them how dirty it was, they all opt not to get in it. Plus, I bet the water is very cold.

I rinse off all of their snow boots, and I am washing their snow suits right. I can finally hide them and my house will have one season clutter put away. Now, all of their rain boots are bringing all kinds of mud in my house. I can't wait for that one to be over too.

We finally got a second hand VCR. Now, they watch all of our VHS tapes that were put away for nearly 3 years. I am a little surprised on how much we got. We also have some more CVD's that we haven't seen for a while. And since we are having a nice weather, we will be outside more often now. We can save some electric bill too. I am sooo glad for the nice temperature.

My kids have one more week before their spring break. DS in 3rd is having a PSSA practice from last week and this week. One school is already asking to re-enroll my kids. DH suggested waiting a little because something big might come out of the health care bill from the congress, and cyber schooling may add other more hoops to jump into. I told him that we can report that we are moving instead, and do traditional home school and not report anything. However, with this government that will only last for a short time, and we are sure they will come after us and lose the kids in the process. Which hell comes if we let them. We are trying to play by the rules as much as our belief allows. What is the point of traditional home schooling if the government will be all over it? Big government sucks big time.


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