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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Have Kittens

I am soooo sleepy right now. Molly our cat was on labor since around 10pm last night. I think every time she get a contraction she meow loudly and keep coming on our bed. And I am very light sleeper, and wakes me up every time. Plus, I don't want her to drip anything on my bed. I have to get her off my bed and into her spot, which she never used.

I was awaken by my DD around 2:30am telling me that Molly is having her babies. I woke up so fast, and by the time I got upstairs I got so dizzy and past out on a very cold floor. Then a minute later I woke up, asking myself where I am and I felt very cold.

I went back downstairs and sleep for a few minutes. I heard DD talking to the cat again, and this time I finally woke up and stayed up until the cat was done having kittens. She had two kittens in one side of the room, and finished the other two on the other side. I had to keep the other two for about an hour, and when the cat was done drying the last two, I moved the first two next to her. She was feeding all of them when I went back to bed around 4am.

It works fine because yesterday and today my 3rd grader (who got sick yesterday after school) and DD (1st grader) don't have school yesterday and today. So, I don't really have to teach them today. My K in the other hand is in the different school have school all week.

I want to go back to bed...:( I am sleep deprived today. I We have for 4 cute kittens.


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