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Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking @ the Sky on Friday

SnowingThis is taken from yesterday when we got a surprise snow. After the warmest part of the day they are all melted. From 40 some degree, it dove down to the single digit. What a crazy weather. Happy Friday everyone!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


DH woke up and saw some white stuff on the ground this morning. We are not expecting anything and the local weather did not mention anything about it. He has to rush out without coffee or anything today. I don't even know if he was awake when he left the house very early.
It will be warm later, but businesses will be open before the warm temperature comes. He needs to shovel areas that customers uses, and he knows if he doesn't do it, he'll be out of customers. We are not going to get a lot, and there are no school cancellations.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My PC Needs Reformatting Again

I wanted to add some images in my blogs for Valentine's day. I have downloaded a lot of freebies left and right when I saw the one I liked. It turns out that all the zip file I got was empty. How can it be? It took a long time to download the stupid things, and now they turn out to be empty. Did I download some kind of virus that wiped the file empty?

All the pdf file that is sent to me from my children school, I can't view either. It just kept telling me that there is no file found in my downloaded folder. My downloader said download complete but somehow wherever I save it, my file reader can't find whatever name, I named the stupid file.

It used to be that I just right click on the download window and the file will open automatically but now the right click on that the "open" button I can't click because it's not clickable. Meaning it looks like I did not download anything, but somehow I am using bandwidth doing it. Argh, this is very annoying.

I have to delete most of my scrap booking freebie downloads and saves the ones I can use somewhere and clean my stinking hard drive again. That can take a long time to sort including all the things I wanted to keep. This thing all started when MS started telling me that my free copy of MS office is not valid after 2.5 years. I am very prostrated right now.

Anyway, hello to everyone. I got plenty to say but I don't have enough time to post right now. I will catch up later.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

North side of our property
My entree for today is running late. I just got done with my three kids lessons, and here I am trying to catch up. This is taken from inside the house around noon today. I don't feel like going in the very wet ground. Anyway, Happy Friday everyone!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Appalachian Hiked

With the full gear
This is DH hiked the Appalachian Trail on Saturday. Remember I told everyone he was aching when he came home and not as young as he used to be. Here he was with all his gears, except for one thing (do you know what it is?). He is the one in the foreground. He was fixing his vest when one of the guys took his picture. He was the only one carrying a lot. The others packed very lightly.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never Stop Learning

We still cannot find a free piano for our students (kids). I am hoping that we can find one soon because spring is almost here and my husband will be going to work soon. It will be harder to get one by that time because his time will be limited because of his job. I was expecting they already know how to play accompaniment piano by now, but no, we don't even have a piano yet.

The way this is going the kids will never learn the musical note until we get one. It's not very hard to find a piano, but it is hard to get one. Other people are faster than we are in grabbing them. Plus, it is hard to find someone to help my husband to move a piano. We know a few but the time limit for those free pianos is too short. I would like to learn how to play accompaniment piano, too.

Playing piano in general is what I always wanted. We don't mind paying a little for a nicer piano. We actually found a baby grand piano about a month ago but the seller never got back to us. Learning how to play accompaniment piano will have to wait until we can get an old piano that we like. I think my oldest son will learn faster because his been playing a musical instrument for over 10 years now. He can always teach me or us how to play when time permits. I'm off to locate free piano.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Most Are Annoying

Remember my post below about talking to this filipina in the Filipino store? Yes, she told me she doesn't know where my island is because she is from Manila. It turns out that she is not even from Manila, but from the main land. I guess she considers the main land is all Manila. I found that she is a member of twitter and friendster and she have the province name in her profile.

This is the main reason why I don't have many friends with my own kind. I don't like liars and so is my DH. I can't be friends with my own kind who are liars from the start. I am simply asking where they grow up back home. I don't care where they live while they are there.

My nephew lived in Manila part (a few months) of his life because he took the nursing exam a while back. Is that mean he is from Manila when ask? Furthermore, should I say that I am from Manila since I only speak the national language of my birth country? They annoyed me.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

DH is Aching

Yesterday, DH did some kind of training exercises with fellow liberty/freedom followers. He left very early in the morning because the training was west of us, 3 hours west of us. We made some potato bread for him with chop nuts, brown sugar, and honey. I wrap it with very thin whole wheat flour bread dough because you can't really make potato bread without wheat flour (mostly) on it.

He said that they went up and down the mountain twice. They visited the local army store to buy some stuff that they don't have. And some lesson about surviving the cold. They made a big bonfire and everyone cook their own food. He only has his potato breads and water. He said some of them don't even have anything to sleep on, and he lends his poncho to his buddy. It was in the 20's last night.

Around 11PM their group leader asked everyone if they wanted to go home. And sure enough everyone wanted to leave, and he got home around 4am today. I heard the noise in the driveway and look out the window and saw his truck. I was wondering what had happened and why he is home so early. Anyway, I can't disclose that part. He was actually thinking that I might shoot him being in our driveway at the time of morning. (He told me after he woke up at noon).

I was watching him walking to our front door, and he was almost dragging his vest and backpack behind him. I thought he was very tired and can't go on any longer. It turns out, he is hurting in places he doesn't know he I was laughing so hard inside. I can't let him see I was laughing because I know he will turn it around and make fun of me instead. That I catch my breath running up our stairs.

He can't even take off his winter jacket, blouse and boots off. He looks so funny trying to take them off. When he finally woke up around 11am today, he was complaining about his legs that he can't bend them going down stairs. I just can't help but laugh some more. His military days were long gone, and he is out of shape. No, his not fat, he is actually skinny, but he is not young anymore and so do I. I was used to climbing mountains when I was young too, but I bet you I can't do that anymore.

He makes me chuckle sometimes. However, I know how he feels right now. BTW, he is out doing salt run to some costumers. He is hoping he does not need to be out of the truck to shovel anything poor Mr.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Filipino Store Story

My kids and I went to get some things from my local Filipino store today. Actually not very local to me because it is about 30 minutes from my house, and they are located about 3 towns from me.

We walked in and a nice Filipina eating said hi to all of us. And yes I said hi too. She has the whole family with her. A daughter who is 4 years old, a baby and her husband. They actually traveled more than an hour to dine there. They live north of me about an hour or so. I guess she does not cook much because they go at that Filipino store to eat Philippine cook food.

As for me, I go there to meet some fellow Filipino and to buy some uncooked food. I rather cook it myself than buying it cook. I am picky like that when it comes to my own (Filipino) dishes. I don't eat much while in a gathering because I don't like the way they prepare the food. There are a few friends of mine that I enjoy their cooking. I think they put "gayuma" (potion) on, that's why I like it.

Anyway, she asked if I am from Manila and I told her no, and said the name of my province/island. She said she don't now where it is. My parents lives about an 30 minutes southwest of Manila by They drive very slow back home and it takes a long time to get where my parents live. Plus, we have to take the ferry.

We exchange phone numbers and that was that. Her husband said he used to live about 15 minutes away from where I live now. And she's only been here less than four years.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Taken last Wednesday (1/13/10) when my kids told me that the sky was red. Yes, I went outside in my regular clothes just to get a shot of this amazing scene.

My very first red sunset and second red sky. My first red sky can be found here. (I am so proud of myself with the help of my DC) And just for the viewing pleasure I will leave the images big, just click on them to see it better. Happy Friday!!! We are supposed to have a very nice warm weekend and that means with very soft ground (thawing this weekend lol).

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

DD First BirthdayMy mini me, 6 and 1/2 years ago. They grow up so fast.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Glad

DH is gaining friends around our area, and I am glad. After losing his very best friend last year (1 & 1/2 to be exact) in a motorcycle accident I think he is ready to find a new best friend. They are younger than us, somehow he can't find anyone that is within our age.

However, that is better than nothing. One moved west to pursue his farming job and there are two new ones here close to us. The one at west still keep in touch, and I am glad that he does. At least DH had extra people to talk to about everything that is going on in our country.

They all are die hard conservatives (does not belong in the two main political parties), and I can't believe that he found three of them who are close to our area that is fighting for the same things. Yahweh is good and I thank him for giving DH people someone to associate with.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Home Phone

This is not a land line phone, this is another cell phone that is included in our family plan. And this one only cost $10 a month plus taxes and everything that the government added to it.

We used to have a land line, and it cost us $50 a month for two lines, not including calls outside our area. Locals call are free, but when we call my SIL, they charge something. Not as big as long distance rate but there were charges. Mind you, we live in the same area code. One land line is almost the same price, so we said yes to two lines.

When the local cable company offered cable internet in our area, we dropped the land line and got VOIP instead. That thing is really cheap, when he had it was about $20 a month. Local long distance and even in Canada and Mexico it was free, and it cost me $0.20 a minute when I call my parents. The only thing I don't like about it is we can't have a local number. So, our neighbor will get charge long distance for calling us, along with SIL. And when we don't have power or internet we don't have a phone.

So, after a few years we got rid of it and kept our cell phones. We have the cell phones also the whole time we have a land line. The cell phones are very convenient, and we can carry it everywhere too. And we also have one just to stay at home. We don't use it, meaning we don't put it as our home phone when filling up forms. No one knows the number except for people we know.

We get so many calls from the home phone. People who are looking for local Veteran Affairs, looking for a man, a woman and so many telemarketers. DH answered it one time and the man at the other end (so he said) sounded very depressed. The man called him by his first name, and they started talking. DH got an impression that the man is handicapped and cannot go places, unless his family was home. DH kept on asking who the man was and finally after a few days, the man said that he called a few months back asking for someone and DH said "this is ____" and the whole time the man kept his name and our phone number. The man was asking DH if they can meet in some gas station to talk. I told him a lot of things about bad people/maniacs or something. Is the man that desperate to talk to someone and wanted to meet DH, is he gay and maniac at the same time? I think this happened in the winter when DH is not working much. And when spring came, he still calls, but I never answer it becuase DH is not home and working, and finally he stopped calling. That was very weird kind of person.

Anyway, today, someone called the home cell phone again. The phone number showed on the caller ID. A man with a very distinctive accent was on the other end. He was looking for "Greenville BMW". I told him "did you know you are in NJ?", he said yes and he asked me if I am in PA. And the place he was looking for is in PA. Then I asked him where is Greenville located, he said by Port Jervis. I just told him he was way off, and I hang up.

After a few minutes, he called back again and asked me if I can look it up from the phone book. I told him I think we don't have the same phone book. That I am at the very bottom/end/south of this area code and the one he is looking for is at the very top/north. Port Jervis is in the border of NY/NJ/PA and I am in the east/central part. That is about 2 hours without any traffic from me. I asked him where should I look for it, automobile or dealer. This one will make you smile because I was thinking about know "BMW". He was talking about clubs, I think he wants to go out and have fun. I was laughing the whole time after he told me "club". I looked it up and I was right all along, we don't have the same phone book even though we have the same area code. I can't believe it, I thought I was trying to be nice and find a dealer for this man. Ah ah, I think he is looking for a club for BMW to meet other people. I feel like putting a "DUNCE" sign on my head. My goodness, this is what I get trying to be nice with DH advice.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

As you all know, we had snow again early this morning. The clouds are still blanket up above in my neck of the woods. However, please enjoy this shot taken 3 years ago. Very cold temperature and sunny sky. Happy Friday everyone!


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For My Violinist (DS)

This year is my oldest son's last year of high school. He will be moving out of my house by the end of the summer, and he will go to his dorm room somewhere around in Pennsylvania. He will also join the school orchestra when he gets there, he said. His father wants him to be on his own and away from him and myself. My husband in the other hand wanted him to go at our local college or university to save money. Well, he chose what his father suggested, and we told him that we are not helping him with the paper works.

Anyway, he used to love playing his violin. He always practice on the weekend whenever he is home. His younger siblings love to watch him play. When he was a little younger he used to play happy birthday on his violin while we are singing during a birthday party. He rather plays warcraft in his computer now a days. He stays up until a wee hour of the morning playing a computer game. Since he is old enough we stop telling him what to do with his life and that is what he chooses to do for his spare time.

My sister in law and her husband took him to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra a few months ago, and I heard that he did not enjoy it very much. We are relieved that we did not give him some Christmas Carols music sheets for Christmas. That will probably just end up in the corner of his room, and will never get touch again. However, he loves to play with the music program we gave him last year. He collects music sheets and he writes the notes into his program and listens to them over and over. He doesn't play the notes on his violin, but only his computer.

Kids these days do not appreciate what they have. I wished my parents can afford to send me to music lessons when I was young. However, my son and I are two different people, and think and brought up differently.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fondest Christmas/Holidays Memories

Being a child and has no care about the world. Wow, did I sum it up in one sentence? We all know that is more than

All of us goes to church to attend the very early morning mass. Dressed in our finest clothing, (so I thought lol) but hey it was my favorite dress and wearing our spit shine black shoes with white lacy socks on (the girls). We only wear it when we go to church, and we are never allowed to wear it anywhere else but the church and when receiving an award in school.

The food that my mom cooked that will last a week. It does not really last a week, we have cousins that stop by during the day and my parents always sent them home with plenty of packed food. I learned how to make glutenous rice with coconut milk wrap in coconut leaves. The best part of it was the aroma of young coconut leaves in the rice. Then when cooked, dip in homemade sauce, made of sugar cane patties (before they removed the molasses and crystallized) melted in coconut milk and cook until creamy.

Christmas is the only time we get to taste different meat recipes. On regular days my parents always (well not always, but once a month) cook chicken adobo in turmeric powder & coconut milk or pork adobo in soy sauce and vinegar. This is also the only time we can go to our relative's houses without getting told to come home right away, or not to stay too long because our dogs, cat, pigs and chickens needs to be fed.

New Years Eve is such an event. My parents will wake us up to eat, put some coins in our pockets to make some noise at midnight. They said that making the coins jingle will bring A home made bamboo cannon with some kind of rocks inside that when you add a drop of water and light it up, it made such a "bang". Arguing on New Year's Eve or New Year's day and spending money is not allowed. Something about that we will be arguing all year, and we will be spending money all year.

I also enjoy the stories that my Aunts, Uncles, older cousins, and grandparents (my mom's side, I never met my grandparents in my father side) about the war and anything to embarrass my mother about. My parent stories on how they met, and how one remember and the other refuses to acknowledge if the events did really happen.

Anyway, my parents are poor (they said, but they can afford to buy me and my siblings new clothes every Christmas. We always have food on the table and still have plenty to sell in the market. They sent us to school to learn and we all finish high schools. There are no taxes to be paid to get free education where I came from, which I think is great. Our parents have to pay for our schooling, and if we wanted to continue and get a degree, half of the tuition will come from our own sweats.

I have learned so much from them, and I always wished that I could have gathered more information about herbal plants. The thought never crossed my mind back then. I thought I can never leave the country and there will be so much time to teach me everything. Now I can't even remember what those herbal plants are called, and they can't tell me their scientific names for me to find.

Yup, those are the days.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Stalactites)


One of Missouri's Caves.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Updates "In This Life of Ours"

I can't believe my vacation was over. I had a hard time getting back to our old routine today. Not to mention DC are having hard time waking up early again. I hate holidays, it messes up our schedule. And at the same time I love holiday because I was able to finish my laundry piled. They are clean but I don't have time to fold, hang, and iron them before putting them away in every closets in my house. All the laundry baskets are empty and my kids drawers and closets have clothes again.

I completed most of the tasks I wanted to do except for DD catching up on her lessons. She simply look very bored and "do I really have to study on my vacation" look on her face every time I tried doing some works with her. We went to the library twice and rented some DVD's that are good for developing minds. I made pizza and cinnamon rolls, I can't believe I actually accomplish something in a week and a half vacation. All the Christmas decoration are down and safely put away.

DH brought DD for her AIMSWEB testing today. All I got from that was DD writing is very neat. I will not get the result until April I believe. I breath easily now because I survive the first day of cyber school again. I'm hoping my kids will wake up earlier tomorrow. The breakfast that I made today was already cold when they finally came out of their bedroom.

MIL birthday is coming, she does not celebrate but I have to remind DH to greet her. I finally gave the finances responsibility to DH. He offered to help because with all of my house works and teaching I hardly had time for it and always getting behind putting every cents spent in our end. I wish him good luck and hopefully he will keep it until our kids are grown and I have less to do around the house.

I filled up some paper works at FAFSA for my ODS. I had to sign some paper works however, I rather not because what I am doing is against to what we are fighting for. In the other hand I have to because I agree that I will help him with his college finances when his father and I went our separate ways. I will sign it but it will be under protest.

I am hoping for a New Year filled with good things from every directions. I am praying that no blood will be shed against our government and leaders. I think I will be praying very hard for it.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Early in the morning, today.

The Sunrise

I very happy that I can finally look forward to a longer days. I notice that at 5pm it is still bright outside. Not very bright but I can get away driving my lights off.

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