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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have not wear socks for about two days now. I think my feet are getting use on being cold now and I have not really touch our thermostat since October. Why don't I wear socks, you ask? Well, since fall and colder temperature came, I started to wear two pairs of socks to keep myself warm. Furthermore, I set my thermostat on 55° F to save on electric bill. And we all know that human sweats and that was what happen to my feet. It happens mostly at night when I have layers of blankets over them. In addition when I take a shower after drying them with a towel I put my socks right away to warm me up. Not very healthy in my part, I know. Over the weekend my feet started to itch and had a little smell. I know right away I had to do something, I rinse them, dry it with a towel and blow dry it. I did not put socks until I have to get out of the house. Until now I only wear socks when going outside and I put some foot powder inside the socks.

The last time I had an athlete foot was when I working in the restaurant. It happened in the winter months too. I bought a brand new work boots with padding inside. Little that I know my feet can't breathe and only get air out when I get home from work. It was pretty bad that the bottom of my feet started having holes in them and very itchy. Thank goodness for foot powder, I also had to buy a new pair of work boots with no padding. I hardly wear the padded boots anymore and I still have it collecting dust in my closet, and saving it for rainy days just in case I can't afford to buy footwear with our economy nowadays. Oh yeah, if you are interested about foot care, please check the foot care directory.

Moreover, why some people have flat feet? I thought it was only an urban legend until I met one. A lot that I know.


Bill February 25, 2009 at 2:22 PM  

to wear socks or not wear socks that is the question LOL. I am like you i have cold feet so i wear socks a lot.

Nedekcir February 25, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

Yup, no socks for now unless we get a really cold weather before spring. Thanks for the comment.

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