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Monday, September 7, 2009

"In This Life of Ours" Weekend Update

Sorry peeps, I have to move my widget lower. I will not accept nor place ads anymore however, I will keep dropping in my inbox. I rather spend more time in adgitize than EC.

Mr. Cheers decided at the last minute that we should sleep out under the stars in our backyard. Kids loves the idea but kept on going inside the house to eat, drink and use the bathroom. The kids enjoyed the night out with little live fire and sleeping inside a tent but I have to sleep all day Sunday because my back was killing me. Including the back of my neck and somehow I caught a massive headache. I was looking for a restful weekend but it did not work.

DH planned that we should all go shopping, get some parts for his mobile radio and we needed to get some raw milk from the farm. I was still very tired and the headache did not go away. Mind you he needs to take a shower before he can go out. So while I was taking more nap, I was expecting he was taking a shower and getting ready. When I woke-up around 4pm I asked him if he is ready to go. His answer was, you were taking a nap, I thought you don't want to go out anymore. I could have been out and back if he did not say anything about taking the whole family. Did I mention he is the king of procrastination?

No school, holiday if you call it that. I did tomorrows lessons for my Kinder. My 8 yo and 17yo are off today and tomorrow is my DD first day. I asked some ladies in the forum where my DD is enroll about the lessons/courses. I specifically asked when will I see them, and one lady told me that the assignments will not show until tonight at midnight. I don't know the terms they use in that school yet because we are just starting tomorrow. So, I asked her back if the assignment she was talking about is the lessons/courses. Why can't she just say it clearly that assignments is what they call it and it will show tonight, after midnight. I know what assignments are but not with this.

I was kinda pissed, I asked about lessons/courses and the come back I got is assignments. I was thinking...what? homework already without lesson plans, no guides to be see just homework? Anyway, I wish she wrote it like this...assign lessons/courses...Then she continue on telling me not to stress at the first day. Did I asked you that, I just wanted to know where I can see the lessons. Now after reading what she wrote to answer me I was stress. Why can't I get a simple yes or no, plain and simple answer? Language barrier I guess. Then they are talking about signing in tonight to by pass the crowd on the first day of school at 8AM tomorrow.

You know what, if I can't log in tomorrow because the system is very busy, who's fault is it if my daughter's attendance will not show up? They better get a bigger data base to let everyone in then. What first come first serve? I never heard of cyber school like that before. If they have such big number of students logging in they should accommodate them. If they give me a hard time about attendance, well goodbye. There are so many out there, wanting my tax dollars. They are not the only one in our state.

We have issue with truancy, we don't want to sign the paper works and I may have to do traditional homeschool. It will be very expensive but the good thing about it is, we can pick what subject to teach them. I'll probably pick Math and reading/writing/language arts. Then we can sign them up with music lessons or something to do outside the house.

The government control will never stop until everyone unite and tell them enough is enough. With DH procrastination he found a book telling the corporation on what to watch for about people like us. He felt empower knowing what not to do when dealing with them. We printed it today and it's about 1 inch thick (with print front and back of the paper). I will let everyone know, when we get there. Just make sure you are willing to give up the government free stuff you are using.


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