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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Molly Was Lost

My 5 yo son, 6 yo daughter and I went for a walk yesterday after dinner on our street. Five year old DS needed to see how many kinds of houses/homes he can find in our neighborhood. I told him during the day that we can go for this walk right after dinner when daddy is home.

When we went for our walk daddy was outside mowing our lawn because there is rain in our forecast and he don't the grass grow taller. Our cat was outside (well she is always outside) and followed us on our walk. I know, she is just like a dog but smaller and much gentler. She walked behind us and sometimes run in front of us and hide on the side of the road and when we catch up, she will jump out to us.

We live on a horseshoe shape road and when we got to the bend, we saw a dog tied up on someones yard. Of course the dog started barking because he/she saw us, plus our cat. Our cat got scared and started hiding in the bushes but DD and DS keep on calling her and she would come in and out of the bushes and still following us. However, someone was mowing their lawn too and she was scared of the sound and did not want to past that house. The kids and I reach the end of our street and I informed them that we should go back the way we came because we left our cat back somewhere in the bushes on the side of the road.

Molly our cat
We found her (our cat) at the bushes where I thought we left her, she was actually waiting for us. Then my kids started running and they attracted the attention of the dog again. It started barking and our cat ran to the bushes across where this dog was located. Now my two kids was a few meters ahead of me. I called a few times to get our cat out of the bushes but she did not come out. I have to catch up with my kids just in case a car comes to our street. It usually is pretty busy but the whole we were walking not a single car passed by. We were finally home and no cat in sight.

DH and I went back out around 9pm to search for her but nothing. I was worried all night and every time I some noise outside our window I look out but no cat. This morning DH drove there again but no luck. After leaving for work and he was gone for 10 minutes I heard a chewing sound in the kitchen. I went out from the classroom and saw her eating her food. She looks like she haven't eaten in forever the way she was eating her food. I talked to her and she came to me rubbing and seems happy to see me too. I was so glad she found her way home. I called DH and told him she is home and he said "ah, she waited for daylight to get home, I guess she can't find her way home in the dark". She is such a stinker and worry me all night.

She probably checked the whole neighborhood all night. Mind you this is not the first time she disappeared all night. I was just worried because I cause the disappearance. She probably chased a rabbit or something. I will sure miss her company when going for a walk around our property, attacking me from the bushes in front of our house when I came home from grocery shopping and accompany me in my garden, but I'm just glad she is home. I don't have to spend all day worrying and I can focused on my kids learning today.


♥Willa♥ September 17, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

thanks goodness she is home, Our cat's name is also Molly. :)

Grampy September 17, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

Well that was quite an adventure. I am glad your cat is back. I am surprised how she follows you on your walk. I didn't think cats did that.
Have a good day.

Nedekcir September 17, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

Yes Willa, I saw that on one of your post...:)

Grampy, DH and I was surprise too. We have never met a cat like her, going for a walk that That is why I like her.

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