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Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Updates from "In This Life of Ours

Friday was a crazy day. My 8 year old O.T. was schedule at 1pm but she did not show up until 1:30pm saying nothing. I think, somehow when I said 1pm she heard 1:30pm. Ok, I let it go because she was already here. Then we schedule the next O.T. for next Friday at 1:30pm. Hopefully she didn't put in her schedule 2pm. I will say something if she shows up at 2pm.

Saturday was a busy day for us. We went to visit my in laws to help them move a refrigerator and went out to have lunch because it was supposed to be treasure day. But since we the only ones who got little kids we opt to just eat out instead.

After that, we went to a little boy's second birthday party. Our friend hire someone to bring a pony for the little ones to ride with a cowboy hats too. Ok, let me tell you what the lady was wearing who brought the pony in. A see through tank top that you can see the black bra she was wearing. It was very cut and you can see the full view every time she lean forward. She has her cell phone somewhat hidden on the side of her boobs, between the upper arm and boobs. What is the point of all that? It is a kid party not adult, showing everything she can possibly could. Most of the picture I've taken she is on it because she is the one pulling the pony around. What I will show you is the censored version. Don't get me wrong, she got a nice body but does she really have to present herself that way? (I bet the men don't mind it at all...did I say it out loud?

DD finally had her wish. My MIL kept promising a pony ride and never happened fro the longest time. now she don't have to ask anymore.
DD on a Pony5yo DS riding the pony.
5yo DS on a PonyYDS tried his best .
Hitting a PinataThe birthday boy with DH and our friend helping another little boy hitting the pinata.
Hitting a Pinata

Sunday we did not get home until 12:30am Sunday morning. I slept in until 10, then I finished DD lesson because we missed quite a few. They were not showing every time I tried to click on lesson overview. DS (8yo) had to take a practice weekly Math test to get him ready for PSSA. I was very tired at the end of the day...still. Kids went to bed with no problem to get ready for Monday and I think I finally caught up on my sleep.

Today went pretty well. DD attended all her web chats with her teachers. Not like the beginning of school and also last week. I am hoping tomorrow will bring another great day for us and for you too.


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