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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Saved, The Best For Last

Random Blabbers

Experiment failed
, I'm trying to give my EC droppers a chance to advertise for less but it did not work. I will however sent them their ec credits back when I approve the the ads next week. I thought the price will stay the same since I am not approving any of them. I may as well approve it now and send their credits back before I forget whom I already return credits to. I apologize my dear droppers. I will think of some other way to show appreciation to all of you.

Lesson learned, what a smack in the face when the government playing devil's advocate. The government wanted the citizen know that you can do everything but turns around and start telling the other party that its not their fault, that the individual should blame each other who don't have any control over things. Nice job, everyone with a brain knows together we stand and individual we fall. That exactly they want us to do, blame each other and call every race in this country racist and become individual. It's like basic training, when someone mess-up the whole platoon gets the punishment. I know the point of all of that, but don't blame the person who mess up. Blame the person who cause you pain and suffering directly. The person who mess up did not wake you up at 1 in the morning to tell you to do 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups or jog for 10 miles, your instructor did. Get the point.

We will be in better shape if we only follow the common law/golden rule of the land. I know there are many who are compulsive liars however, the truth will set you free. If they walk like a duck and walks like a duck so they must be duck. It can be easily spotted if people has their own brain.

Last Saturday, we were at our friends' house for a birthday party. We did not left their house until 9:30pm and we got home 12:30am Sunday morning. While we were in their backyard with a fire pit, I looked up and saw a spot light from the sky. I pointed it out to everyone and it lasted a whole five minutes. We are not really sure how far it was from their house but assume it was coming from the military base. It looks just like those beam light they use in the movie when they are bringing people inside a flying saucer. Then since we were looking up, one pointed out that the little light you see that is moving in straight direction is the satellite the government put in outer space. And since we can't prove it, all of us just went with it.

GPS, we our nephews' GPS that day and when we needed it the most there is no signal. We only been to our friends' house twice and not really familiar with the area. As soon as we got off the highway to go to their house, the GPS can not connect and show us the way. Plus, their street is not showing on it. Our friend had to tell us the street before theirs just to find it. I wish my street will not show on GPS. That is a great way to hide from those un-wanted people.

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