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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Updates from "In This Life of Ours

Saturday was not a very good day. It rains off on and on and our kids did not go out to trick and treat until it was dark (7:30pm). We bought so much candy, DH and our kids end up eating all of them. We only have a few left and I am so glad they are almost gone. I can't stand such rambunctious kids around the house. Especially when can't go outside and play. They are giving me such a headache.

Sunday was and easy day. Monday came and DS had a speech session and she mentioned that we should have went to the mall to trick and treats. My answer was "no" because what is the point of that. Sorry, I like it when they can see our neighbors and get to know them. Yea, get to know your salesperson, "NOT".

Tuesday my Kindergartner had a dentist appointment and trying to explain why we don't want fluoride in their system is one way conversations and end up no where, very prostrated with the medical corporation at this point. Of course if everyone is just like me, how they can earn their high 6 figure salary, they can't if they can't sell all these stuff that are supposed to be good for our teeth. I will fall for that, if I can't read the ingredients they must be bad for anybody. We also voted and one of the local school board gave us a card to vote for them. We are done voting for this people who think they have authority over us and at the same time thinks that are much better than us. Shove off, you do not deserve anything from us.

I think DS had the last session for OT yesterday. It's good because I have one lady who works for the government that will come to my house. I hate when they come because I have to make my house presentable and I have to make sure I don't say anything that can be use against me and end up taking the rights (my limited rights) away from my own children. We also had two meetings with the kids teachers. I was over my head and can't figure out why, not until DH came home and noticed that I did not drink my coffee yesterday. That's why I can' handle the loads of lessons and meetings. I feel so bad because the kids got most of my prostrations...ahyayay! And guess what, I was able to make bread after all that chaos. I guess I work well under pressure.

I am much better today. No appointments to attend to, well not until next week. So, how is your week so far?


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