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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Update "In This Life of Ours"

Almost like a week update that is. What a week! Two days of school, then house cleaning most of the time. SIL new husband and two of her kids came to our Thanksgiving Dinner. Too much food for only 9 adult. Wasted and went to the garbage. I wish I can cook something for thanksgiving that I know everyone will eat. But since it was thanksgiving I have to make the traditional meal which half of the attendees never liked to begin with. MIL ate a spoonful of yam and the smallest piece of turkey she could get her hand on.

Friday morning DH tried his luck with the flat TV on sale at Target but came home empty handed because he saw the parking lot packed. We bought one online instead along other stuff we wanted. The items have free shipping and we don't even have to fight the crowds of hungry buying people and most likely will charge everything they got on black Friday or all the gifts for Christmas.

Saturday was fun, fellow political friends came with food and I don't have to cook anything. I kinda feel bad when they started cleaning up my kitchen. Some of them forgot food and containers, they will get it back (containers) when we see each other again. I got to know most of ladies and had talk to them longer this time. One of them use to live where I used to work. I thought she lives more North, since she don't want to tell me where she live at earlier meetings. We are all pretty conservative about everything however, we don't call ourselves that. We past that stage and we are way, way to the right now.

Sunday my family went to get some raw milk again (our second time) at the farm our friend told us two weeks ago. We also bought 2 dozen brown eggs, I'm hoping we can finish it for a week to give him a regular business once a week. We would like him to stay in business because we take his word and our friend word that they are using all natural feeds for the animals. Grass feed for cows, milked twice a day only and they don't empty the milk sacs when they do it. Free range chickens with natural feeds. The only missing for him to be called organic is the papers. He is not willing to pay a hefty price for a piece of paper. I don't blame him, if I have a farm I will do it either.

School day again, this holidays will mess up our schedule and my kids will be in vacation mode (again) until January. I will try not to think of it too much because I have enough stress to deal with. More shopping to do online for free shipping. The items that we can't get a free shipping have to be bought in the store. I hate shopping this time of year and I don't like shopping early just to hide the gifts.

Anyway, I think that is long enough update. No one reads this posts so I better shut up now...:P Have a great week everyone.


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